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10 Books for the Romance Lover on Your Gift List

Having a hard time picking a gift for that romance book lover on your list? We all know that picking the right Christmas gift is never easy. For the book lover it seems twice as hard. And while we all love gift cards, it can also feel impersonal - right?! So here is a list of 10 books that are perfect for that romance lover on your gift list!

One Timer (Nashville Assassins Book 13) by Toni Aleo

You’ve known Harper Allen and Jakob Titov since you met them in Taking Shots. You know their story already, right? Ha! You only think you do. In One-Timer, they’ll tell it for themselves. It wasn’t easy. But sometimes, that one-time thing leads to a fairy-tale kind of ending.

Dmitri's Christmas Angel by Kat Mizera

Two women. Two surprise pregnancies. Dmitri Papadakis is screwed.

Bastard's New Baby (Roosters #3) by Raisa Greywood

Jackson McKenna's got a reputation to protect -- he needs a wife. Siobhan O'Malley has a baby to raise -- she needs a husband. He's looking for the perfect woman to play with. She's looking for the perfect power play against a pair of greedy grandparents.

Guts & Glory: Walker (In the Shadows Security #4) by Jeanne St. James

You can lie down and give up, or you can rise and keep going...

Breakout by Elise Faber

He was too young for her. A decade too young.

Rebecca Stravokraus was the premier publicist in the professional sports. She was extremely smart, capable, and could spin a story like a spider spins its web. She also didn’t lack in confidence.

Provoke You (Cole Brothers #2) by Diana A. Hicks

Hotel heiress Ela LeBlanc is ready to take control of her life.Waking up handcuffed to a former marine and the news of her step-dad's plans to sell her hotel is just the wake-up call she needs.

Hitching the Cowboy (Circle B Ranch #1) by Kennedy Fox

Wedding bells are the last thing on twenty-two year old Riley Bishop’s mind, but that’s exactly what he hears after waking up in Vegas next to a woman he just met—his new wife. He never saw her coming, but she might be worth the risk.

Power Play (Nashville Assassins: Next Generation #2) by Toni Aleo

They’ve both been hurt, but instead of going in for the penalty kill, Boon is ready to convince Posey their hearts are the secret to how they’ll win. How they’ll score the ultimate goal.

Breaking The Chains (Satan's Knights Prospect Trilogy #2) by Janine Infante Bosco

One way or another, all men pay for their crimes. Some do their time locked in a cage, while others meet their due karma without a judge or a jury. My debt to society is almost paid, and soon I'll be free to get my son the justice he deserves. Justice he wouldn't be due if only I had done my job as his father and protected him. There's just one hitch, and her name is Charlotte.

Win Big (Wynn Hockey #3) by Kelly Jamieson

When your name is Wynn, victory’s the only option... Something about Everly Wynn makes me think she could be the one. But all she sees is a hockey jock hooked on good times. If she didn’t take herself so seriously, maybe she would take a chance on being happy.

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