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10 Romance Books To Watch For In July

Hello July and hello new romance reads! The July Summer heat is perfect for these steamy romantic reads. From friends-to-lovers and fake dating, to co-workers and finding a spark again, there’s certainly something for every romance lover (or newcomer) to enjoy!

Redemption (Revenge Series #2) by Christine Besze

Two years I’ve searched. Two years I’ve waited. Two years I’ve longed to hold her. Two years I’ve been patient. Time’s up. I’m bringing her home, where she belongs. Bombs, car chases, and bar fights be damned.

The Lady (The Dirty Heroes Collection #14) by Golden Angel

To stay safe in a world she's never known, this lady will pay a steep price... Adored. Cherished. Pampered. Lady Delilah Darling lives an enviable life. But when cruel hands drive her away from home and into the dangerous streets of London, she's suddenly frightened, vulnerable, and alone. Desperate for safety, Lady Delilah stumbles right into the arms of Henry Gaunt, the irresistible overlord of the London Underground.

Claimed by the Alpha (Shifters of Ashwood Falls Book 13) by Lia Davis

Alpha wolf of Ashwood Falls, Luna Raines has the weight of her pack’s safety on her shoulders. She doesn’t need the complications of facing her fated mate, who walked out on her when she needed him most. Together, Luna and Rafe work with a rebel group, a spy, and new allies to take down a mad man, ending the shifter war.


Winning Hollywood's Goodest Girl (Hollywood #2) by Max Monroe

Raquel and Harrison sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes a baby in the baby carriage. That’s how her brother used to sing it when we were kids—a simple ploy to get under my skin and make me stick my fist in his face—but man oh man, did he get the order wrong.

Overprotective Cowboy: A Mulbury Boys Novel (Hope Eternal Ranch Romance Book 2) by Elana Johnson

Cowboys looking for a second chance at life, love, and happiness. Ted Burrows is ready to start his life over again, even if he has to go to a work-parole ranch to get out from behind the walls that have caged him for the past thirty months. He's got a contact at Hope Eternal Ranch, and the day he gets word that he'll be released into the Residential Reentry Program and serve out the rest of his sentence under the open sky of the ranch is the best day of his life so far.

Building a Love from the Heart by Etta Foster

Even the wildest dreams are worth pursuing...and he has made hers come true. Cassidy Wilson is a young woman who has survived on her own after the loss of her parents. In her latest job, she finds the pressure of her boss to be tyrannical and makes a run with a stolen horse one night.

Claiming What's Mine by Jordan Silver

I wanted her the first moment I laid eyes on her, but she was already taken. For two years I stood by, dying inside each time I saw them together but I’m not the kind of man to dishonor another, so I walked away. Now he’s gone, taking the easy way out and leaving her to clear his debt. I will take care of it, with one condition. That she becomes completely mine. An obsessive possessive passion romance.

Ghosts of the Past: A Steamy Romantic Suspense Novel by Kat Samuels

Can the ghosts of the past reach out to the present? All her life, Annie Mignon has dreamed of the private school she’ll inherit from her Aunt Helain and the new life in France she’ll start with it. Instead, with a sudden heart condition which could end her young life before it’s even begun, she’s agreed to marry Duncan Patrick, a man over twice her age whom her sneering step-father has pressed upon her, all as a way to get to France before this last chance disappears.

Reclaim (Recovered Innocence #3) by Beth Yarnall

Brimming with angst and sensuality, Beth Yarnall’s Recovered Innocence series kicks into high gear as a hotheaded P.I. unleashes one lawyer’s deepest passions—and greatest temptations.

Sweetest Satisfaction: Steamy Romance Box Set by Naughty Aphrodite

12 hot stories to melt your heart...and panties!

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