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10 Romances to Read During Wedding Season

Summer, the season of love and weddings! If you are in the process of planning your wedding or just find yourself a frequent guest at one. Here are some sweet and steamy romances that are a lovely addition to the hot June weather.

Save The Date (Wild Wedding Series Book 3) by Ann Marie Walker

The Wedding Planner meets The Bachelor in Save the Date, the third standalone laugh-out-loud rom-com in the Wild Wedding series.

Departed: David & Sara by Tess Thompson

Recently widowed Sara Ness moves to Cliffside Bay to hide from her painful past and the scandal that cost her far too much. With a baby daughter to raise alone, the peaceful privacy of small-town life, and the comfort of the local grief support group, are just what the heiress needs. But when her inheritance is jeopardized by her new marital status, Sara is forced to make a deal with the only suitable candidate available. And for the next year, she's paying for the pleasure of pretending to be married to the one man in town she simply cannot stand.

Dares & Dice (Spicetopia Book 5) by Phoebe Alexander

What could be better than having your bachelor party at Spicetopia? Having your bachelor party crashed by a bachelorette party at Spicetopia!


Eternal (Paradise Place Book 4) by Natalie Ann

Eternal love? Is that possible for two people who have sworn off romance and happy ever after?


Wedding Belles & Beaus by Rosalinda Diaz

Will a stroll along memory lane-keep Jade from walking down the aisle? There’s no tired like a teacher at the end of the year unless you’re a first-year-teacher and a bride-to-be. Jade knew it was a mistake to plan their wedding for June.


Love on Beach Avenue by Jennifer Probst

True love is in the details for the Jersey shore’s premier wedding planner in this heart-swooning series about big dreams and happy endings from New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst.

Sweethearts Old by Rachel A. Andersen

Some things are better left in the past, and high school is one of them. But is your high school sweetheart the exception or the rule? You are cordially invited to Thomas Jefferson High School in Denver, CO to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of your graduation.


Slaughter of the Wedding Cake by Amber Crewes

The latest book in the Bestselling Sandy Bay series will soon be available on your kindle!

Destination Wedding by Diksha Basu

From the internationally bestselling author of The Windfall . . . . What could go wrong at a lavish Indian wedding with your best friend and your entire family?

Fang Wedding-Dr. Gabriella Van Court Book 4 by Tanya Goodwin

Maxine Cade thought she was the only hybrid vampire/mortal that existed, and so did her vampire parents, Gabriella and Max. That is until Maxine met Benjamin, surprisingly a hybrid too. That they both straddled two worlds only brought Maxine and Benjamin closer, and now that they had grown, exponentially, to young adults, their engagement was inevitable.


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