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5 Badass Heroines in Fantasy

Fantasy books with leading female characters become more and more prevalent and diverse each year. Women don’t have to be “strong” like men to be the main character of a book or series. In fact, we’d rather read about women who are trying their best in the circumstances they are given. Looking for new books with an awesome female lead? We’ve got a list of badass female characters; you should definitely check out!

Nightsoul (Raven Cursed #3) by McKenzie Hunter

My magic can kill. Now, it might be the reason I die. For years, I thought I was Raven Cursed—only to discover I’m something much worse. But nothing about my life is as shocking as what I discover about Mephisto, the mysterious and alluring client who’s always had a special interest in me. Now I know why.

My curse and Mephisto’s secrets have to take a back seat when the most powerful vampire in the city hires me for a job. It seems simple enough: negotiate the acquisition of a weapon that can kill his kind faster than a stake to the heart. In my line of business, there are rules that you never break—or if you do, you make damn sure no one finds out. First, never betray a client. Second, never piss off a vampire, especially the Master of the City. Somehow, I managed to do both.

Dragon Fated (Call of Ancient Magic Book 1) by River King

I’m a magical protector for hire, a half-fae used to killing goblins and big, ugly trolls. But there’s something more sinister stalking this dragon, and the Council has hired me to figure out who. Except the dragon doesn’t exactly want my help. He figures a half-fae like me isn't up to the challenge. But I figure his sexy ass needs someone who can look at things a bit differently. Someone who doesn't play the politics game. Someone who can't be bought. Because this job isn't for the faint of heart. One wrong step, and we might both be killed. And trust me, it's effing hard to kill a half-fae who doesn't want to die.

Magitek (The Rift Chronicles #1) by B.R. Kingsolver

My name is Danica James. I'm a cop with the Arcane Division. I'm also a magitek. For most humans, demons, and Fae, magik, and technology are totally incompatible. But some mages are able to manipulate mechanical and electrical devices. Hunter James was my grandfather and a magitek. He wanted to end humanity's cycle of war, but instead, he broke the world.

The Nowhere Witch (Tales of Xest #2) by Donna Augustine

Getting back to Xest was the easy part. It’s staying here that seems to be the problem. I have three hags, also known as Xest Immigration, hot on my tail trying to deport me back to Salem. The wall I built in the Unsettled Lands is in jeopardy. Hawk, a man who was once my ally, can’t decide if he wants to lead the horde trying to drive me out or kiss me. Not to mention, everyone keeps calling me the Nowhere witch, and I’ve got a bad feeling it’s not a compliment. But when the betrayals start rolling in, I realize I’ve got bigger problems. Staying alive becomes the most important issue of the day.

Dangerous Witch (Arkanez Prison for Supernatural Criminals #1) by Fatima Bader

My name is Amanda Dantes and I will have my revenge. Dangerous Witch is the first book in the Arkanez Prison series by Fatima Bader. The series takes place in a paranormal prison with supernatural criminals and a badass heroine determined to survive deadly rivalries and uncover who set her up. Dangerous Witch is a twisty paranormal prison thriller.

Caramel Apple Pudding


1 package of Butterscotch Pudding Mix

1 can of Crushed Pineapples

1 (8 oz.) container of Cool Whip

4 large Apples

Step by Step:

Start by skinning and dicing up 4 large apples. You can use red or green.

In a large mixing bowl add your cool whip and pudding mix together.

Mix on high with a hand mixer until well blended and smooth.

Add in your pineapple and diced apples.

Fold into cool whip mixture with a spatula.

Place mixture in the fridge and chill for one hour.

Serve and enjoy!

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