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5 Bite-Size Books That Pack A Punch

I don’t know about you, but we entered 2020 with some very lofty reading goals, and then the world as we know it came to an end, and we embraced a new way of life. And with that, our TBR list kept growing, and our reading goals seemed to slip farther and farther away. Luckily, not every good book needs to be a 600-plus-paged doorstop to take our breath away. If you’re like us and still clinging to the hope that maybe you will read as many books in 2021 as you said you would last year, then you are going to love these short yet powerful books that really pack a punch.

King of Beasts (Beast Duet, #2 by Diana A. Hicks

From award-winning author, Diana A. Hicks comes the enthralling conclusion to the King of Beasts duet.

I have left it all on the line for Caterina Alfera. She holds the keys to everything I have ever wanted. But would she do the unthinkable for me—the right thing?

If you like dark, steamy romance with a heavy dose of suspense and intense twists, then you’ll love Diana A. Hicks’s King of Beasts

Authors Note: King of Beasts is book two in the Beast Duet as part of the Crime Society World. It contains explicit scenes and bondage.



Meet Cute (Love, Camera, Action Book 5) by Elise Faber

He’s a movie star. I’m just a girl from a small town. He lives in L.A when he’s not traveling the world. I live in Utah, and the furthest I’ve been is a few states away. He’s beautiful. I’m . . . just me.

Talbot Green is the man who has everything—fame, money, adoring fans—and I’m just a girl from a small town, childhood friends with his publicist, and looking forward to spending a few days in warm and sunny California.

Then I saved his life. In front of the paparazzi.

And suddenly, my face is everywhere—on social media, on TV, on magazine covers. Suddenly, I’m not just a girl from a small town, who’s living a small life. Suddenly . . . I belong to Talbot Green, at least in the eyes of the media. And also . . . perhaps in the eyes of Talbot himself. But maybe, just maybe, he belonged to me right back.



Marrying Mr. Wrong: A Hot Romantic Comedy by Claire Kingsley

I never should have gone commando in that dress. I'm almost positive the rest of it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't been dangling off a hotel balcony with my lady parts in the breeze. And of course, the one person to witness my mortification had to be HIM. Camden Cox.

Sure, today he's gorgeous and wealthy, and fine, I can admit he has a great sense of humor. But once upon a time, he was the boy who loved to make my life miserable.

He no longer pulls my pigtails, but I know his type. He wants one thing, and one thing only. A chance to get in my pants. Nope. Not happening. Not even with that sexy Southern drawl.

But I'm Sophie Abbott, and if there's one thing I'm good at, it's making a mess. Only this isn't just a mess. It's a disaster. A Sophie disaster. Because after a wild night in Vegas, I wake up naked in his hotel room. And I'm pretty sure we got married.



Call Me Crazy (Bellamy Creek #3) by Melanie Harlow