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5 Books That Are Trending in January

Looking for the popular books that just hit the shelves or are coming soon in January? Check out these five books that are trending right now,

Playing Deep by Beth Bolden

Kenyon Ellis knows he's making a huge mistake. Hooking up with this particular guy, no matter how spectacular the nights are, is a terrible idea. Even worse, he can't help himself from wanting more, even as he’s kept at arm's length. But still, despite their prickly relationship, Kenyon never expected his betrayal. Or that it would lead him not only to love, but to the biggest crossroads of his life.

The Party Is Over by Lisa Renee Jones

Sometimes a girl just has to get stabby... Lilah has sworn she's done with that side of her personality. Then again, maybe not.

Possession by Liliana Carlisle

She’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. He uses it to his advantage. They tell her to stay away from the Alphas. There’s a reason they're kept in the hands of the government. It’s better this way, they tell her. You're safe without them.

The Promises We Make by L.M. Dalgleish

All it takes to change everything is a bottle of tequila and a game of truth or dare... I’m living the dream. Seven years after moving to LA with my cousin Beau, the two of us are reaping the rewards of being the lead guitarist and bassist for one of the fastest rising rock bands in the world. The only thing missing is the girl we left behind. Our best friend, Shae. So when I find out that things aren’t going so well for her back home, inviting her to stay with me and Beau for a few months is a no-brainer. Except, I don’t factor in what living with her will be like. Talking, laughing, seeing her wandering around in a bikini… Before I know it, feelings I’ve spent years suppressing are back. All it takes is one drunken night, and I cross a line I promised I never would. Because Shae’s off-limits, for more than one reason. If she and Beau find out the secret I’ve been keeping, the friendship that binds the three of us together might just go down in flames. And take my heart with it.

The Specialist by Melanie Moreland

Egan Vulpe - Trained explosives expert. Gun for hire. Loner. Until the day he falls in love. He leaves the dangerous world he knows behind. He paints, owns a gym, and co-runs Elite Security. In the past, he has worked with his friends at Hidden Justice, always staying behind the scenes. But not far enough behind. When the woman he loves is taken, his only recourse is to step back into a world of crime—this time on the wrong side of the law. He knows he has only one choice. Save her. Or die trying.

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