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5 Books To Preorder Now So You’ll Thank Yourself Later

Who gets excited about upcoming new books? The Team at Elle Woods PR does! July 2021 has some incredible new releases for us avid readers. Whether you’re fans of these authors or just looking for something new to sink your teeth into, it’s never too early to add these to your TBR list. When these land on your doorstep or on your e-reader on pub day, you’ll be thanking yourself and starting summer off on the right foot.

Murder Always Barks Twice (A Chatty Corgi Mystery #2) by Jennifer Hawkins

A charming tea room owner and her excitable talking corgi will need to work together to bring a killer to heel in this delightful cozy mystery.

For ex-accountant Emma Reed and her beloved corgi, Oliver, opening Reed’s Classic Tea & Cakes in the idyllic village of Trevena in Cornwall has been the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. Her cakes are popular, she has a host of wonderful new friends, and even a potential new romance. There’s even time left over for plenty of long country walks with Oliver, who is not only the cutest corgi on record (at least to Emma), he happens to talk (at least to Emma). What could be better?

How about being asked to help cater the local Daphne DuMaurier literary festival?

But when the festival organizer is found dead and foul play is suspected, Emma, Oliver and their friends are plunged deep into a poisonous mix of village jealousy, family tension, money troubles, and secret love affairs. Emma quickly realizes it’s up to her and her intrepid corgi to discover a canny killer whose bite is worse than their bark.

Bought (Naughty Little Books Book 4) by Colleen Charles

I built my company from the ground up and now I sit on a throne of iron. But I've sworn off love because I only want one woman. The one I can't have.

We met back in grade school. Chasing each other around the playground. Spilling our secrets in the dead of night. I crushed hard and those feelings I caught haven't even begun to fade.

So when my sweet, innocent Emmie wants to erase her six-figure student loan debt by auctioning her perfect body off to the highest bidder?

I see red. If my naughty little engineer thinks she can gift her purity to another man... She's about to be bought.

Clusterf*@k (Life Sucks Book 4) by Elise Faber

Blurb coming soon!

Undone (Vino & Veritas #18) by Leslie McAdam

My new roommate has the worst taste in men. I mean, Murph’s special. He’s funny and flamboyant and full of life.While I’m straight, even I can tell these guys aren’t good enough for him. I had to yell at one date, toss another one out the door, and throw a beer in another’s face. Kind of embarrassing, really. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. I ask my sister what’s wrong with me and she says I’m jealous.

Jealous? Please. Me? Come on. Only thing is, I hate the thought of Murph kissing any guy. Ever. Except, maybe ... me?

Off-Season (The Scoring Series #6) by Jami Davenport

Andy: I just ended a successful rookie year with the Seattle Sockeyes. It's been a lot of work, and I'm ready to play. I rent an RV with three of my single teammates and take to the wilderness for little male bonding and a lot of drinking in front of a roaring campfire. What could possibly go wrong? It turns out, everything, including dealing with the know-it-all woman in the campsite next to us. She might bring out the worst in me, but I can't stop thinking about how good she'd look naked next to me in that tiny RV bed.

Kennedy: That infuriating man and his noisy, drunken cohorts have my blood boiling. I'm supposed to review this campsite for my job, and I can't concentrate. They never sleep, they drink like sailors, and they're loud enough to wake the dead. I did enjoy watching them try to dump the black tank. What happened was poetic justice. To make matters worse, Andy and I have chemistry, the kind that wipes out all the bad stuff and makes me want the good stuff. How much would it hurt to have a few nights of fun with him? Most likely he’d move on and I’d get my heart broken, but when has that stopped me?

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