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5 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in January

The start of a new year means lofty resolutions, clean slates, and, most excitingly, a fresh crop of books to devour.

A Dirty Business by Tijan

When Jess Montell meets Trace West at a hockey game, she doesn’t know his name or occupation. What she does know is there’s an instant attraction that’s impossible to ignore—or forget. And forgetting is exactly what she wants to do when she learns he’s not just a successful Wall Street suit but the heir to one of New York’s biggest Mafia families. The last thing Trace needs is a romantic anything with law enforcement, and parole officer Jess has trouble written all over her. Too bad he likes trouble. Especially when it’s a brunette bombshell with attitude and legs for days. She’s an absolute spitfire, and he wants to stoke that flame. Trace didn’t ask for the Mafia life. Jess doesn’t want any part of it. They both know it’s safer to stay away, but the temptation is too hard to resist—no matter how great the danger.



SINS of the Syndicate by Lexxi James

Ivy - He was a handsome stranger who made me an offer I couldn't refuse ... Give me anything I wanted. Anything for one night. The catch? No strings. No commitments. No names. I had no idea who he was when we met. I only knew that he protected me. And he looked damned good doing it. Leo - To the outside world, I'm known only as Z. The enforcer. A widower with nothing to lose. An ex-SEAL sworn to keep one vow: protect the D'Angelo's at all costs. I'm not a good man, and I never claimed to be. Protecting her was second nature. Nothing more. Claiming her was just a one-night escape. But she made one mistake ... a cardinal sin. Slipping away on her terms. Not mine. No strings. No commitments. No names? No way. There's just one price for my protection. And it's her.

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Daughter Of The Devil by B.A. Childs

JEZEBEL: A strange country. A man I don't remember claims I am his, and that only he can keep me safe. Safe from who? Why does the face in the mirror scream at me to fight? Fight who? Who am I? GHOST: Jezebel has vanished and it's up to us to find her. It means illegally entering another country, where, if we are caught, we can be made to disappear without a trace. Hold on my Bella, we're coming. We'll do whatever is necessary to find you and bring you home.

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Playing Loose by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

I'm a grumpy single dad with a demanding football career. The last thing I should be doing is falling for the sunshine-y school teacher down the road... When I moved to Sin Valley, I didn't come empty-handed. I came with a demanding football career, an energetic little boy and the baggage of a recent divorce. Romance was the last thing on my radar. At least until I met the gorgeous first-grade teacher who lives a few houses down my street. Katrina is the kind of woman no red-blooded man can ignore. Always walking around with a warm smile, the sweetest words and a plate of fresh-baked treats. I can't help but want to be near her. 'Just friends' is just fine in the light of day. But when the street lights come on, I want...more. I want her lips. I want her curves. I want her on her knees, saying my name. I'm trying to be responsible. But Katrina says we both need to let loose, live a little. And she's got a detailed plan to show me how. As friends, of course. Just friends. That's the story we're sticking with. Because I'm still putting my life back together. And having my son's teacher doing the walk of shame from my house at the crack of dawn? Well, that's no way to make a good impression around the neighborhood! But the more I hang out with Katrina, the more I start smiling again. And the more it becomes blindingly clear--we're playing loose with the definition of 'just friends'. Innocent glances lead to not-so-innocent touches. Dirty jokes lead to tangled sheets and clothing scattered on the bedroom floor. I have an itemized list of reasons why we should just keep it friendly. But screw it--the friend zone isn't working for me. Now, I'm playing for keeps.

Amazon Goodreads

The Maverick Cowboy by Macie St. James

He's slow to trust. She can't seem to keep a secret. Can they overcome their differences to find their happily ever after? Joshua Ludington is slow to trust. After being betrayed by the woman he loved, he vowed to take a hiatus from dating. But when Lucie Cooper drives onto his family ranch, he finds the beautiful chef hard to resist. Lucie Cooper is at Cupid Ridge Inn to do a job. They need an interim chef for their dude ranch guests, and she’s determined to fill that position. When she runs into handsome cowboy Joshua Ludington, at first she’s excited to show off her cooking skills. Soon, though, it becomes apparent that what she’s feeling for him goes beyond gratitude for the job. Although Lucie knows Joshua has been burned, she’s determined to show this handsome cowboy that he can count on her. But Lucie is notoriously bad at keeping secrets, and working for the Ludingtons means keeping things quiet. She means well, but she might just destroy her new relationship before it gets off the ground.

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