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5 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in November

The leaves are finally turning, and we’re entering peak put-on-a-chunky-knit-and-curl-up-with-a-good-book season. Below, find five of November’s most exciting new releases.

Creed: Royal Bastards MC by Kathleen Kelly Creed, President of the Royal Bastards MC in Jacksonville, Florida, is ruthless in his desire to rule his club and his men. And damn, if he isn’t good at it. Until the day Vivian stumbles into his arms and blows his life to hell. On holiday and out of her depth, she doesn’t have the sense to run when danger comes calling. Vivian unwittingly gets involved with a drug ring. She’s a lamb in a pool of sharks, believing in those who are only using her to their own ends. Why did she ever come to Jacksonville? Vivian is in way over her head. All she did was help a woman get her bags off the carousel at the airport. Vivian thought she was helping an old lady, and even though she wanted a shower and sleep, it seemed like the right thing to do. It wasn’t her fault the bags got mixed up. Now, she’s at the Royal Bastards MC clubhouse, sitting opposite the brooding Creed. His eyes don’t leave hers and she can’t tell if he’s angry, aroused, or simply amused by her. One thing’s for sure, Creed lives by his own rules and beliefs. He rules the Royal Bastards with an iron fist. Will Creed believe Vivian or let the sharks have her?

Broken Wings by Chelle Bliss Logan “Crow” Taylor had every intention of not getting involved in trouble after gaining his freedom and rejoining his motorcycle club. But when the rough and rowdy biker crosses paths with a single mother in need of help and his protection, he can’t turn his back and walk away.

Well Behaved Wives by Amy Sue Nathan Perfect wives, imperfect lives, and upending the rules of behavior in 1960s America. Law school graduate and newlywed Ruth Applebaum is acclimating to life and marriage in a posh Philadelphia neighborhood. She’ll do almost anything to endear herself to her mother-in-law, who’s already signed up Ruth for etiquette lessons conducted by the impeccably accessorized tutor Lillian Diamond. But Ruth brings something fresh to the small circle of housewives—sharp wit, honesty, and an independent streak that won’t be compromised. Right away Ruth develops a friendship with the shy Carrie Blum. When Carrie divulges a dark and disturbing secret lurking beneath her seemingly perfect life, Ruth invites Lillian and the Diamond Girls of the etiquette school to finally question the status quo. Together they form an unbreakable bond and stretch well beyond their comfort zones. For once, they’ll challenge what others expect from them, discover what they expect from themselves, and do whatever it takes to protect one of their own—fine manners be damned.

Taming Raptors by Kristine Allen I’m Adrien Krow, but they call me Raptor. Ten years ago, Sage was too damn young for my darkness, so I put up a wall. It worked—until the day it didn’t. Being with her wasn’t supposed to rock my world, but it sure as hell did. The last thing I planned to do was move back to Texas and the secrets I left behind.

Archer by Laramie Briscoe Archer Gray - Being the new officer on the Laurel Springs Police Department has been a blessing. They've treated me like family since the moment I started my first shift. It's what I've wanted since I left home at eighteen. Life is going amazing, especially when I meet Alisa, a nurse at Laurel Springs Medical. She's saucy, but I suspect it hides a vulnerability not many get to see. I want to see it, want to know everything about her. In a moment where she desperately needs someone, I'm there for her. And I won't leave until she asks me to. Alisa Hiilligan - I've always been a transplant, searching for a home. I thought I found it in Calvert City, instead it's the neighboring town Laurel Springs. Since I've been here I've met the new hot cop, Archer. He makes me want everything I shouldn't. But when the reason I left Calvert City comes back with a vengeance; I'll need him more than I ever thought. And he'll prove he's here for the long haul - something no one else ever has.

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