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5 Must-read Book Club Picks for the New Year

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to start a book club? Here comes the hard part: deciding what you’re going to read. Well, we’ve got you covered with these new must-read book club picks! Follow us on TikTok

Sexiest Billionaire (Titans #1) by Sierra Cartwright Titans—An exclusive private society of the world’s most powerful, ambitious gentlemen. She’s his friend’s daughter. Off-limits to a man like Jax. Jaxon Mills is stunned — then furious — when sees his biggest investor’s daughter at one of the most exclusive clubs in New Orleans, dressed in a scandalous outfit and wearing an inviting smile. The tempting woman with the compassionate heart is supposed to be tucked away at grad school, where’s she safe from men like him. Willow Henderson has one escape from her overprotective family — the French Quarter. There, she can be anonymous, even if only for a short time. But she never expects to come face-to-face with Jaxon, a sexy self-made billionaire Dom whose arrogance is matched only by his bank account. Jax, an avowed workaholic determined to outrun his troubled past, has never allowed a woman to distract him. Until Willow. And when he discovers she’s a virgin, it’s more than a dominant urge that flares. It’s an honorable instinct he hadn’t known he was capable of. He will do anything to make her his. Amazon Goodreads

Initiation by Sierra Cartwright Falling in love was never an option… Hardened Hawkeye agent Logan Powell does women a favor by avoiding emotional entanglements. They deserve to be cherished—something he’s not capable of…until he meets gorgeous Jennifer Berklee. But her innocence is his undoing, and not even his elite military training is enough to lock down his jaded heart. After Jennifer’s engagement ended in an embarrassing abandonment at the altar, she vows to protect her wounded heart. The impossibly dangerous warrior who makes her shiver with a single glance is the last man she should want…but everything about him makes her ache to surrender. When they’re stranded at a secluded mountain property during a storm, Logan can’t stop himself from tearing down her emotional walls. Jennifer can’t resist giving him her all. Neither imagines they’ll fall desperately in love. But then Logan’s job intrudes, and his life soon hangs in the balance. Is giving her trust in his dangerous world too high a cost for his love? Amazon Goodreads

Ask Me Nicely by Dania Voss He needs to ditch the attitude he has about her. She needs to get over her inconvenient attraction to him. Successful Chicago real estate developer Spencer D’Angelo will do anything for his family. Well, almost anything. When it comes to his younger sister's best friend, curvy blonde bombshell Harper Mitchell, all bets are off. Spencer is inexplicably drawn to Harper, but he’s never trusted her. Things just don’t add up. Harper’s trouble with a capital T, even if the rest of his family doesn’t see it, and adores her. A California native, Harper unexpectedly finds herself jobless and homeless after the Feds raid the real estate firm she’s been working for. When her bestie’s brother, Spencer, the sexy, arrogant Italian who’s starred in way too many of her late night fantasies, begrudgingly offers her a place to stay in Chicago, she jumps at the chance to escape the chaos and darkness that have overtaken her life. Harper and Spencer have traded insults and barbs from a distance for years, but now they can’t avoid each other. As their scorching chemistry ignites, Spencer becomes protective of her and Harper discovers there’s more to Spencer than his polished, business persona. How can they continue on as the rivals they’ve always been? What will happen when Harper’s secrets finally catch up with her? Amazon Goodreads

Rainbow Sprinkles by Pepper North and Paige Michaels Welcome to Little Cakes, the bakery that plays Daddy matchmaker! Ellie Wilmoth has dreamed of owning her own cupcake bakery. Now that Little Cakes is about to open, nothing can distract her. Okay, maybe one thing. While crafting her first featured cupcake, she's interrupted by her handsome new landlord, and his commanding presence is impossible to ignore. Garrett Erickson is enchanted by the sprinkle-covered, sugar-fueled woman renting his property. When he discovers her alone behind an unlocked door in the predawn darkness, his protective instincts won't be ignored. Is it possible she's the Little he's been looking for? Little Cakes is a sweet and satisfying series, but dare to taste only if you like delicious Daddies, luscious Littles, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters. Amazon Goodreads

Just a Little Daring by Emma V Leech A Determined Daughter… Snow is cold, water is wet, and Vivien Anson is beautiful. It’s an indisputable fact, and one that is becoming increasingly tiresome. Viv has had more proposals of marriage than anyone considers seemly, and she’s getting a reputation as an ice maiden through no fault of her own. None of her prospective beaus see the woman behind the beautiful face. None of them understand who she truly is, but Viv is no shrinking violet, and she will not leave the biggest decision of her life in the hands of fate. A Man Resisting Temptation… August Lane-Fox is a liar. Despite years of bad-behaviour with his scandalous best friends, the ton believes August innocent of any wrongdoing. After all, how could a man with such guileless blue eyes and lovely manners be a dreadful scoundrel? Little do they know he was often the mastermind behind their most outrageous adventures. With his wicked friends happily married, August is looking for a quiet life, with a quiet wife. Tired of his radical mother and sisters’ constant dramas and scandals, the very last thing he wants is a woman who takes risks and invites disaster whenever possible. An Invitation for Adventure… If she can’t get the right man to propose, Viv will just have to be the one doing the proposing, and she has the very man in her sights. Mr. Lane-Fox appears to be the epitome of an elegant, upper-class gentleman, but Viv doesn’t believe it. Surely, if she uses the right bait, she can tempt the deliciously well-behaved, handsome August into revealing the devil lurking inside. But it might take just a little daring… Amazon Goodreads

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