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5 Mysteries that will keep you up at night.

There’s nothing like a well-plotted mystery to read on a dreary winter’s day–or any day, for that matter. Here are five mysteries that are sure to keep you up at night! Remember to lock the door and leave all the lights on before bed!

Popcorn and Poltergeists by Nancy Warren

When an Oxford professor is killed by a fall down the library stairs, rumors fly that it’s the work of a poltergeist who’s been causing havoc at the college.

Baker's Coven (Great Witches Baking Show #2) by Nancy Warren

Competition is hotter than the pre-heated ovens as The Great British Baking Competition moves into cake week. Amateur baker Poppy Wilkinson has a lot to deal with, from learning she has talents she never knew about, to trying to keep cool and bake under pressure.

Testarossa by JD Cary

Things are never what they seem; especially in police work. John Testarossa is an LAPD cop with an NYPD attitude who has seen it all. The dead, the dying and the decomposing are all in a day’s work for the red-headed Italian from Brooklyn.

Worst Nightmare (A Sam and Indie Novel #2) by David Archer

Sam and Indie have stumbled upon a terrible situation. They have found a little girl who, even though she seems happy and well-adjusted, seems to be a child who was abducted when she was very small and hustled through an adoption with false paperwork. Neither she nor her family were aware of her story, but Sam soon learns that she might be only one of many such children.

Displaced by Jennifer Foor

Mom’s dead! My dad uses that excuse for everything, including why we moved to a dilapidated farmhouse with unexplainable occurrences. It’s safe to say, I hate my life, my house, my new school, and the people in it. I’m an outsider. How can I expect my peers to give me a chance when I'm the girl who lives in the creepy Collinswood estate?

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