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5 Steamy Romance Books That Are Sure To Give You a Book Hangover

It’s no secret that we are avid readers here. To us, the magical feeling that you get when you’re lost in a brilliant read is something indescribable – and near euphoric. We love it. We crave it. The books that make us crave more of that high you get from a good book. Those epic reads that leave you with a book hangover for days. Celebrate National Hangover Day on January 1st, with one of these five books that are sure to give you a book hangover!

Grave (Royal Devils MC Book 1) by Erin Trejo

I was left for dead. I had a plan the whole time, I just needed to execute it precisely. Silla wasn’t part of my plan, but I couldn’t leave her on her own. Finding out who she was a shock to me. Yet, I liked the mouthy girl, and she would come in handy. Now we’re going to take over the club. One member at a time.

Play (ROCK HARD Book 1) by Kat Mizera

From USA Todaybestseller Kat Mizera comes a brand-new series—get ready to ROCK HARD with Nobody’s Fool… Four sexy rockers. Four intense women who don't know they love them. Four hard rockin' love stories for the ages.

Dare To Stay (Dare Nation Book 4) by Carly Phillips

He’s the one who left. She’s the one he left behind. Willow James, the athletic trainer for the Miami Thunder football team, knows abandonment and hurt. A child of foster care, she’s been moved around and left behind more times than she cares to count. Just when she was starting to let her guard down with Braden Prescott, he left for a two-year stint with Doctors Without Borders. Now he’s back.

Dr. Braden Prescott always felt like an outsider in his family of professional sports players. He’s traveled the world and is better for it, but now he’s home with a job for the Miami Thunder. When he comes face to face with the woman he left behind, their chemistry still smolders. She’ll give him her body again but not her heart. He knows leaving her once was the biggest mistake of his life. Can Willow learn to trust him not to leave, especially when adventure comes calling again?

Harley, Locked and Loaded by Danielle Norman

Throughout the series, their chemistry has been wild. Now it’s time to discover who is locked and who is loaded and will they survive for their happily-ever-after.

Official Blurb coming soon.

Reyzon by Lena Grey

On Earth, 12 female college students board a starship for A Year of Interstellar Education. Crashing on a primitive planet inhabited by barbarian aliens was not on their itinerary… There are worse things than being worshipped by a Rakui, right?

You know the old saying, ‘No good deed goes unpunished’? Turns out, it’s true. When Alana and I try to rescue our college students from a primitive planet, our plan backfires. Now we’re stranded on UD237 with the girls, and Earth Gov has turned us into test subjects, too.

And that’s not all. Reyzon, the giant, golden alien who saved my life, says I’m his mate. How can I be the hot barbarian’s mate? I’m a nerdy introvert who’s never even had a real boyfriend. Reyzon tells me he’s a patient male and will wait for me to realize what his heart already knows: that we belong together forevermore. I don’t want to disappoint him, but I’d rather study the Rakui culture than settle down and start a family. Until a single kiss that leaves me breathless changes everything.

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