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5 Supernatural Romantic Thrillers Sure to Keep You Up All Night

Anyone who loves all things romance, supernatural…and crime-related. What’s better than a thrilling mystery or a great supernatural read with a hint of romance? Well, a supernatural crime mystery, of course. So here are five killer supernatural crime mystery reads with a hint of romance for you to sink your teeth into.

Rationality Zero by J.M. Guillen

Eldritch horrors. Insane cultists. Murderous inhumans who need an apocalypse.... Michael Bishop is a cybernetically engineered playboy, smartass, and living weapon...but he has to quit drinking when a group of mysterious cultists fracture the laws of physics within the Mojave Desert... Along with the drop-dead beautiful Anya Petrova, he must fight to save the world...again. They soon tumble into the horrors of an interdimensional restroom, the clutches of a telepathic alien scorpion monstrosity, and finally delve into the bizarre inner mysteries of a gentleman's club named "The Booby Trap." Too bad it's not all fun and games. The inhuman cultists double their efforts to hunt Bishop and his crew, threatening to split the very fabric of existence. Bishop is tough, but these psychopaths will stop at nothing to end reality as we know it... Amazon

Craved by a Wolf (Eternal Mates #20) by Felicity Heaton

Hella is one witch who is done with relationships. Having rid herself of a clingy nymph, she’s determined to stay single and savour everything her fae town in Geneva has to offer—with no strings attached. The trouble is, it turns out breaking up with a king isn’t as easy as she’d thought. Her ex just sent a legion to kidnap her and take her to the faerie realm of Lucia. And he wants to make her his queen. Grant MacKinnon is one wolf shifter who prefers a quiet life. His home in a glen in Scotland, his small wolf pack, and fine whisky is all he needs. The trouble is, a witch in the fae town in Fort William just cursed him to die if he doesn’t find his fated mate and bring her to her. Now he craves a female he’s never met, one he was convinced didn’t exist, and he refuses to believe she’s really his one true mate… until he sets eyes on the beautiful blue-haired lass. And his wolf instincts howl that she was made for him. And when he realizes she’s in danger and another male wants her as his queen, MacKinnon will stop at nothing to protect her and claim her as his mate. Amazon

King of Flesh and Bone by Liv Zander

A Dark Fantasy Romance Worse than a ruthless king... is a king obsessed. Isolation, darkness, and rotting flesh, Surrounds me, suffocates me, But I am the vile ruler who controls it all. I long for warmth, Yet, all that I touch, Is cold. Then, she stumbles in to my domain, Lost and frightened, Alone and confused. And I terrify her even more. She calls me the devil, So I show her pleasure, Like only the devil can. I am the heat that stirs her flesh, The longing that trembles her bone. She begs her body to refuse, To escape my embrace, But I am her master, The puppeteer of passion. I am the King of Flesh and Bone. Welcome to my court, little one.

Midnight Alpha by Lexa Jade

“Do you want me?” she cooed. “More than I want to breathe.” “What are you waiting for?” Her fate shouldn’t be in the hands of a sexy shifter, but it is. Haunted by the murder of her family years ago, Alana Roseburg has all but disappeared into Miranda’s Forest. When she finds a lone wolf stalking her property, she soon discovers a secret no mortal could accept. She alone controls and protects a magical gem that holds the powers of Mother Nature's elements. Devlin is a man, a shape shifter, and Guardian of a woman known as the Windrose of the West. If only she would accept who she is and become the sorceress he knows she can be. His mate and one true love. When evil forces threaten Alana, Devlin’s skills as her guardian are tested. But he won’t give up, won’t stop until he knows she’s safe. Amazon

Bloody Waters by Annie James

My story as you know it doesn't start with me. It starts with lies, deceit, and greed. My grandma was the first to be punished for the indiscretion of our ancestors. She paid the price for a war that wasn't her fault. She fell in love with a land-dwelling boy; they were best friends until he broke her heart. Now her actions have paved my life. Not everyone under the sea is as good as they seem. The waters don't just get muddy here - they get bloody. They call me the Crimson Siren and I will get my happily ever after even if I have to take my Bloody Prince down with me. This is the real "tail" of the sweet, little mermaid... Amazon


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