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5 Unputdownable Fantasy Romance

If you're looking for a good fantasy romance to read, then check out these 5 unputdownable fantasy romances that will keep your interest piqued and pages turning. Each of these stories have so many thrilling twists and turns to keep readers on the edge of their seat. So go ahead and dig in, just don't forget to keep an eye on the clock as time can easily fly when getting lost in one of these fantastic reads!

Shadowcraft Academy: Cursed by Yve Vale With the realms crashing down around Shayla, she attempts to find solace in her budding relationships. But even if she can get a moment's reprieve, the mystery behind the missing supes comes to a head. Combining her unusual powers with her five males might be the only way to stop the end of magic and save them all. Amazon Goodreads

Gods May Cry by Lea Jade

The Woods are… Monstrous, Dark and Deep. Not all fae are pretty…some are frightening. Claws, thorns, and tentacles. Nightmares from shadow. I was promised to the worst of them all. The Prince of Death. He comes to my dreams, devours me at night. He means to consume every part of me. But my broken heart sings to him as it calls to the other hellish creatures who crave me too. My family were the ones who stole dark magic from the Unseelie fae. For seven years, my blood and sacrifices are supposed to pay the price. But the spark between us holds a secret. It runs through my veins. Power only a queen should have. Twisted. Dormant. Dangerous. Humans aren’t meant to be divine. The Monsters of the Dark Fae will hunt me down. The Starless Royals will bathe in my blood. The Sluagh will consume me. But Gods may cry, the deadly host shall rise, and the world will weep… before My Monsters let them have me. Amazon Goodreads

Monsters in Love by Various Authors Creeping in shadows, haunting nightmares, lurking beneath the bed…monsters prowl under the cover of night, waiting until just the right moment to claim and seduce their mates. With teeth and talons, tails and scales, they’ll tear their way into their lover’s hearts…and into yours. Get lost in the dark with demons and devils in this delicious new collection. Featuring monstrous tales of pleasure by: Eva Priest writing as Evangeline Priest - Touch the Void Vivienne Hart - Darkdream Nova Blake - Protecting Keziah Dee J. Holmes Opal Fairchild Elle Cross Atlas Rose - Light S.J. Sanders - The Night Visitor Clio Evans - Sins and Sirens C.M. Nascosta - The Filled Vessel YD La Mar - Lead Me Through the Fire Kathryn Ann Kingsley Ashley Bennett - The Dalwick Demon Vera Valentine - Plucked Amazon Goodreads

Heartless Souls by KC Kean

I once had everything until it all disappeared. Years later, I’m on the cusp of finally filling in the missing pieces, only for them to barge into my life at the worst possible moment. It only takes one glimpse to realize I’m not the only one who’s changed. Alexi, Talon, and Malik. Gone are the boys I once knew. Gone are my saviors from across the road. In their place are the furies that rule and set order, now nothing more than my captors. A deal was struck and I had no choice but to agree. Now I find myself in Hollow Pier with the truth still keeping us apart, and my soul burning to repair its missing pieces. I don’t stand a chance against them. I never have. Amazon Goodreads

The Crown of Oaths and Curses by J Bree

Blurb coming soon.

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