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Books to Give You a Head Start on Your Goodreads Reading Goal

Whether you're looking to read more books this year or just want to challenge yourself to read something new, these books can help you get off to a great start.

Torch by Chelle Bliss

Trace Caldo’s smart mouth always gets him in trouble. As the youngest of three brothers, he’s used to scrapping to earn respect. But when he picks a fight with the wrong person, Trace ends up kidnapped, bound, and blindfolded with no hope for escape. And when a beautiful woman comes to his rescue and offers him a way to staying alive, Trace can’t refuse her. Ana Marie Kelly appears to live a charmed life. Raised in a wealthy family, she has everything a woman can want—if you don’t count freedom. Ana’s always been under her father’s thumb, expected to do as she’s told and not bring shame upon the family. But when Ana makes a mistake that could send her life in a tailspin, she can only think of one way out—the handsome man in her father’s garage. …and their only way out is to say, “I do.”

Broken Deeds MC: Second Generation #7 by Esther E. Schmidt

Two couples, two stories; one main storyline. LOUIE & ALOUETTE: Louie - Meeting the one woman who lights up my whole world–which leads to a full-on collision and fireworks within hours–is the best thing that ever happened to me. Also, the worst when one misunderstanding causes a wedge between us. Yet, life has a plot twist in mind to make our lives collide once again, and this time it’s indefinitely. Alouette - One moment in time manages to flip my future into a direction I never saw coming. However, my business is a top priority for me. The man I thought I’d steer clear from turns out to be everything I never thought I needed in my life. Especially when the smell of death surrounds my diner. LUKE & FARAH: Luke - I’ve wanted Farah from the first time I laid eyes on her, but my twin and her best friend–who happens to be her boss–collided and caused a month long gap between us. A robbery gone bad allows me to swoop in and take her under my protection. The opportunity is an eye opener to claim what’s mine while keeping her safe. Farah - Why do horrible things manage to play on repeat when it comes to me? Attracting danger is clearly something I was born into. The only one who fully accepts who I am is also the overbearing biker who balances my safety in the havoc the underworld is pulling me back into.

Decker by Kat Mizera

Up-and-coming hockey star Decker Reese plays hard but works harder. He keeps his head in the game and avoids personal entanglements like the plague. He’s done everything in his power to put his past behind him, and keep his private life just that. The last thing he needs is to fall for a friend of his teammate’s girlfriend, even if she is only in town for the holidays. Eden Walsh has sworn off men. Her last two relationships blew up in her face and she’s not interested in testing the “third times a charm” theory. Her only focus now that she’s graduated college is moving on. But a short trip to visit her friends goes from relaxing vacation to recovery staycation after a skating accident. Now she’s stuck in Vegas and the sexy commitment-phobic hockey player keeping her company has her tempted to break all her rules. But when his past gets in the way, is it game over for them both?

I Was Always Yours by Emma Luna

I was always yours, but are you mine? I've been on every bad date you can think of, and I'm still traumatised by some of them. I know I'm a curvy girl, but I still deserve a nice guy. I decide to give Internet dating one last go, and that's when I meet Lee. He's the perfect guy—smart, funny, and incredibly sexy. He brings out a praise kink I didn't even know I had, and I just want to be his good girl. Sadly, Lee doesn't want a relationship, and instead proposes we be friends with benefits. The more time we spend together, and the more benefits we enjoy, the more my heart is put on the line. So why can't I walk away? Then when life throws me a deadly curveball, and I lose all hope, I push everyone away. But as Lee fights to be a part of my life, we both have to reevaluate what we're really looking for. Is there any chance we were both meant for each other?

Made For Us by Natasha Madison

Abigail - It was time to celebrate. After all my hard work, I was graduating at the top of my class. Our family vacation was the perfect chance to relax. Until I saw him get on the plane and my plans went out the window. Tristan's everything I've always wanted but can never have. One night was all we had together. Now, I’m staring at the two pink lines wondering if I should even tell him. Tristan - Six years ago, I was living for myself until I found out I had a two-year-old daughter. Now, I love my life exactly how it is: me, my daughter and hockey. Except—I've been in love with Abigail from afar for years. She was the only one I trusted my daughter with. One night with her is more than I deserve. Now that I've had her, I know she was made for us.

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