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Books To Help You Escape The Winter Blues

When winter gloom sets in, books are a great way to escape. There’s something to please any reader With so many tales to choose from, curling up with a good book this winter can be the perfect way to warm up!

The Loner by Riley Hart Declan - As a founding member of The Vers, a queer podcast I host with my three best friends, I’m The Loner—quieter than the others, and except for them, I don’t let myself get too close to people. Most of them just let you down anyway, or maybe it’s just that something about me chases people away. Infrequent, no-strings-attached hookups have always worked for me. Who knew my favorite one would become such a popular movie star? But Sebastian Cole and I made it work, meeting up whenever he was in Santa Monica and in the mood—until he called it off when he got a serious boyfriend. A boyfriend he later found in bed with another man. Now Sebastian is back in California, taking a break from acting. He needs a friend, and for whatever reason, he decides that should be me. We’ve known each other intimately for years, and yet we’ve never spent much time together with our clothes on. When he starts taking me places, it feels suspiciously like dates…and surprisingly, I like it. Despite our differences, Sebastian’s lonely, like me. The more we hang out, the more I realize I’ll never get enough of him. A loner dating a celebrity doesn’t make much sense. I don’t know how to be someone’s boyfriend, let alone be in the public eye. But to call him mine, I’ll need to leave the past behind and finally allow myself to move forward with him.

Serving the CEO by M. S. Parker

If someone had told me three months ago that I would walk down the aisle to marry my boss, Derrick Thomas, the hot as hell but super demanding and arrogant CEO of Broker Publishing, I would have called them a damn lunatic. But here I am, all dressed in white, ready to tie the knot with the man of my dreams. Or so you would think. There's one problem: Somewhere along the way, I did the dumbest thing possible. I fell in love with him. When Jessica Ellis lands her dream job as an editor at Broker Publishing in Manhattan, she never expects her life to take a dramatic turn. But when her parents' bookstore, a cherished family business, is unexpectedly sold, she finds herself in a desperate situation. After discovering that the new owner is none other than her boss, Derrick Thomas, she takes the matter to him directly. At the risk of losing her dream job, she confronts Derrick, but instead of a pink slip, Derrick offers her a shocking proposal: Marry him for one year as part of a social experiment for his new book about relationships – and how to avoid them. In return, her parents can keep their store. Will she accept, and if she does, will she be able to keep it strictly professional and not be tempted by her devilishly handsome boss?

Anti-Valentine Anthology by Various Authors

This Valentine’s Day…the bad boys come out to play… Get ready for an anti-Valentine to remember in this limited release M/M romance anthology. Eighteen authors have come together to bring you a collection of brand-new short stories with a combination of dark, enemies to lovers, and bully themes. Participating authors: Andi Jaxon, Ashley James, Ashlyn Drewek, Bailey Nicole, Baylin Crow, Becca Steele, Bethany Winters, C. Lymari, CE Ricci, C.L. Matthews, Hayden Hall, Isabel Lucero, J.R. Gray, Jessie Walker, Misty Walker, Nicole Dykes, Riley Nash, T. Ashleigh

The Office Nemesis Calamity by Hayden Hall

I hate his pretty lips. I hate how good they taste. Theo - He’s the most infuriating, immature frat brat I’ve ever had the misfortune of coming across. Again. He’s also the guy I dumped in high-school when I realized I was straight after all. And he just so happens to be the intern at his dad’s company; the very same one I work for. A terrible misunderstanding puts Justin Lewis into my care. I’m supposed to teach him how his father’s business works. But he’s determined to do it the hard way. Four years ago, after breaking his heart, I experienced what Justin’s hatred could do. He ruined the final weeks of high-school for me. He scared me into skipping my prom night. No more. I’m not that frightened kid anymore. I’ve come far without anyone’s help and I’m not letting one begrudging ex ruin all that I’ve achieved. If only he wasn’t so irresistible when he pouted. If only I could stop leaning in to catch his scent. If only I wasn’t about to make the same mistake all over again. Justin - It was supposed to be simple; do the internship, make Dad happy, and go away to lick my wounds. I’m sick of the way I live, but a terrible breakup from four years ago still haunts me. Until I start my internship and discover there’s Theo Wright in my office. Or am I an his office? Depends on who you ask. The guy hates me and I know why. But I hate him just as much. He wrecked me for good when he turned suddenly straight after one encounter and I never trusted another guy since. If I’m going to earn my ticket out, I need to do this boring internship. And Theo just so happens to be the only thing to help me pass the time. Annoying him is my new, favorite hobby. Until I take it a step too far. And he blushes like a maiden. And my heart nearly explodes. Maybe there’s more to him than I let myself believe. The way he looks at me while we work is almost enough to give me a glimmer of hope. If I was foolish enough, I might try something that could burn down in flames again. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve always been foolish enough.

Off-Ice Behavior by Hannah Henry

Nate Walker, captain of the Washington Golden Eagles, was going to spend as much time with his best friend, Ryan Cosgrove, as he could that off season, even if that meant going with him to a tattoo appointment. Ryan was covered with tattoos. Nate was lightly curious about getting one. His primary concern for the summer wasn’t tattoos, though. It was the wedding he was required to go to. His ex-fiancee (and mom’s best friend’s kid) was marrying the man she had cheated on Nate with, and Nate’s mom told him skipping it was not an option. Collin Campbell mostly had his life together. He loved tattooing and was grateful his job was so cool. He’d built an amazing queer found family in Madison, and had a car that usually started. But he was also restless in the city, and searching for that one last piece of his life that would make everything slot together. When Ryan suggested Nate take Collin to the wedding as his date to stir up some drama, it was the perfect chance for both of them. Nate got to freak out his family and his ex by pretending to be gay and dating a heavily tattooed metalhead. Collin got to spend some time on the lake the wedding was being held at. By the end, maybe they both would make a friend. Neither of them were expecting the sexual chemistry that sparked between them the entire weekend. Nate thought he was straight. But if he was, why did Collin make him feel this way? Collin was helping him explore his sexuality, but they were keeping things casual. Nate had to leave Wisconsin to go play hockey at the end of the summer. Feelings would ruin the fun they were having. But it’s never that simple.

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