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Books We Can’t Stop Thinking About

Here at Elle Woods PR, we’re voracious readers and recommenders. But every so often, we encounter a book we cannot stop thinking about, a book we just have to talk about to whoever will listen. Here’s a list of the books we’re currently obsessing over.

Dragon Fire by Aleah Raynes

Trained by the best to be the best, can her exceptional skills and extraordinary powers save her from an ancient war? Talia Sarri knew nothing about her maternal grandfather until the state sent her to live with him in the wake of her father's tragic death. But unraveling the mysteries of her lineage only leads to more shock when she discovers that she's not just a mage. She's also half-black dragon, her new guardian is the head of a secret organization that is preparing for the coming dragon war. Paired with her grandfather's most trusted team leader, Talia must learn how to fight and embrace powers she never knew she had. However, Talia has just as much to learn about distraction and focus with a mentor as intriguing as Raven Paules. Leaning into her strengths comes at a cost, as great power also comes with chaos. With the pending war on the horizon, can she learn to control the chaos, or will she lose herself before her very first battle? Amazon

Haven by Tasha Black

Can he tame her wild spirit long enough to give her his child? Kai needs a child, an heir for his fortune. But from the moment the big Maltaffian lays eyes on his intended surrogate, he instantly feels an insatiable hunger only she can assuage. If the impatient little Terran wasn’t so anxious to hurry along their conception, maybe he could make her realize she needs him too. Haven never expected to be a surrogate for an alien, but she’s always up for an adventure. When her best friend decides to volunteer with the top-secret fertility clinic, Haven jumps in right alongside her, with both feet. Though she might be a bit of a party girl right now, she knows she might be glad one day that she took the once-in-a-lifetime chance to restore her fertility. And the free vacation and cash bonus will be the icing on the cake. Then she meets Kai. At first, she’s happy to ogle the mouth-wateringly beautiful Maltaffian male, and secretly very pleased to learn that they’ll be making his baby the old-fashioned way. But then out of nowhere, he becomes wildly possessive, snarling at anyone who comes near her, making crazy statements about sharing his fortune and his fancy life with her, and swearing he’ll never let her go back to Terra-58 where he can’t protect her. And that’s when things at the Midsummer Fertility Center start to get weird. Amazon Goodreads

Taken by Maddie Taylor and Morganna Williams

Stranded at the edge of the galaxy, and forgotten by Earth in the wake of tragedy, the small group of survivors on Walker Colony turn to their founder's granddaughter to lead them. With dwindling supplies and an abundance of failing equipment, Shayla keeps the life support systems running with little more than her wits and duct tape as they wait for a ship that may never come. Built to be faster, larger, and more powerful than human men, cyborgs are the perfect killing machines. The only mistake their creators made was giving them the ability to think and learn. Although fearsome and formidable, they are also enlightened and conscious of their human emotions. They rebel against their programming, escape their enslavement on Earth, and begin their search for a safe place to live in peace. When the cyborgs discover the abandoned humans on Walker Colony, hope is renewed. The twelve surviving women are in desperate need of supplies and support, while the cyborgs require just a small sample of human female DNA to begin the process of ensuring the survival of their race. To protect the humans, the imposing cyborg captain decrees all women are hands off. Yet, once Freeman sees the fiery-haired Shayla, the powerful leader is on the verge of breaking his own rules. As she learns more about the cyborgs' heart-wrenching story, Shayla agrees to help. Convincing the other survivors to join her won’t be easy. With the colony crumbling around them, a deal is struck, but a malevolent force is bearing down on them as secrets and betrayals jeopardize their mission. Will the threat result in tragedy for the colonists, or will Free and his cyborgs come to their defense, risking their hard-fought freedom in the process? Amazon


Ballsy (Breakers Hockey #4) by Elise Faber

Kailey Henderson dealt in code. Well, code, social anxiety, and online gaming. What she didn’t deal in was sexy hockey players. And she certainly didn’t deal in sexy hockey players like Connor Smith. He was brass. He was loud. He was funny and charming and…ballsy. Kailey was about the furthest thing from ballsy someone could find. Connor didn’t seem to care. From the moment she’d showed up at the rink to help her friend set up a player development program for the Baltimore Breakers, he had led a campaign to win her heart. The thing was, Kailey didn’t actually want her heart to be won, and the more Connor campaigned, the more she resisted. And…the more she resisted and argued and pushed back, the more she found out that she actually could be ballsy. And the worst thing about that? It made Connor campaign even harder. Amazon

The First Love (Lake Bittersweet, #1) by Jennifer Bernard

Who could ever forget that summer in Lake Bittersweet… It’s been seventeen years since Carly stepped foot in the sleepy lakeside community where she experienced her first love…and her first heartbreak. Since then, she’s struggled with her confidence, which is why she’s shocked that her father, rock legend Steven Gault, chose her as the executor of his will. Besides dealing with his shut-down music club and mountain of bills, did he have a reason to lure her back to Lake Bittersweet…like facing the boy who shattered her heart? Carly Gault. The girl who got away. The girl he gave away. The moment he sees her, Fire Chief Thomas Cooper is hurled back in time to the summer that changed his life. He made the choice to put his family first, but Thomas has never forgotten the passionate, loving girl with the smoky-green gaze. She’s more beautiful than ever—but since that summer, his family has expanded in a way Carly may never, ever understand. As long-ago secrets come to light, passion reignites between Carly and Thomas. But will one last shocker make it all go up in smoke like the last summer bonfire? Amazon

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