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Bridgerton TBR List: 5 Tantalizing Historical Love Stories

All is fair in love and war . . . The Bridgerton family has captivated the attention of readers and the many viewers who tuned in to the Netflix series. If Bridgerton whets your appetite for more historical fiction, we encourage you to explore these books!

A Rogue Like You by Abigail Bridges He wants to save his betrothal. She wants to save her brother. But the bargain they strike to help each other could destroy them both. Lord Robert Ashton knew he was about to make a deal with the devil. And Lady Eloise Surrey knew she was about to descend into hell. After years of living the life of a rogue, Lord Robert fought his way back into the good graces of Society and an elaborate wedding awaits. It’s not the love match, but a duke’s daughter is the perfect solution to his profane past. The only obstacle remaining to the marriage contracts is his long association with Campion’s Gentlemen’s Emporium, a notorious gaming hell. Lady Eloise Surrey, on the other hand, is at the end of her time in Society. A lace-capped spinster, Eloise acts as a chaperone to Lady Lydia Rowbotham, the soon-to-be betrothed of Robert, and she plans to exit to the country after the wedding. Then her younger brother Timothy is kidnapped, and Eloise, determined to track her brother’s last movements, is drawn into London’s dark underworld—starting with Campion’s, the last place Timothy was seen. Disguised as a man, Eloise heads to the emporium, bringing her face-to-face with Robert. He is immediately drawn to the tenacious woman, even though Robert realizes her quest is futile. He tries to discourage her, but the spark that flies between them is irresistible. So Robert and Eloise strike a bargain to help each other out—a bargain that could tumble both into ruin. But they will not stop. With Timothy’s life as stake, Robert and Eloise target one of the most notorious and dangerous organizations in London. As their passion for each other deepens, their determination to find Timothy could cost them everything—even their lives. Amazon Goodreads

Darcy's Affair in Brighton by Andrea David and Saucy Austen After the disastrous way they parted, can Lizzy reignite Darcy’s passion? After her trip to Derbyshire is postponed, Lizzy comes upon Georgiana Darcy at a posting inn. The girl is alone and penniless, trying to making her way to Brighton. Elizabeth offers to serve as a travelling companion. Suspecting that the girl once again plans to elope with Wickham, Lizzy sends word to Darcy through his aunt. But how can she face him again after the insulting way she refused his marriage proposal? And now that her loathing of him has cooled, can she learn to love him after all? This steamy Pride and Prejudice sensual intimate variation will make you reach for your vinaigrette! It has a happy ending and no cliffhanger. Amazon Goodreads

The Duke Report by Fenna Edgewood A lady should never pursue a gentleman... nor write scathing exposés about him. Just because Charlotte “Cherry” Lambe understands the rules of decorum doesn't mean she believes in following them. Enjoying the freedom offered by widowhood, she has dedicated herself to promoting the cause of vulnerable servant women in England, determined to set an example in courage for her young daughter. When she receives a tip from an anonymous source, one of the greatest perpetrators in London seems to have fallen right into her hands and she holds nothing back in putting his evil deeds into print.

Breaking News: The duke is a blackguard! Ewan Orkney, the Duke of Crossley, is indisputably everything a duke should be—handsome, courteous, well-bred, and above-all, a man of honor. At least, Cross holds this reputation until a scandalous column is published decrying him as a cruel employer and the leader of an exploitive ring of powerful men. Humiliated and enraged, he resolves to seek out his opponent and issues a public challenge—inviting the anonymous newspaper writer to his estate to conduct their very own private investigation. Challenge Accepted Shocked to discover his adversary's identity, the duke soon finds himself intrigued beyond measure. Mrs. Lambe is the opposite of what the duke has been brought up to believe a lady should be. Unconventional, intelligent, and outspoken, her outlandish qualities put together with an admittedly lovely exterior make for an entrancing combination. Sinister Plots and Sizzling Seduction Stirred by the intrepid reporter’s wit and passion, the duke is horrified to realize the scandal of the year may be playing out in his very own heart. Yet it soon becomes clear that someone wishes to silence Mrs. Lambe and her pen for good. As the lady of letters becomes embroiled in a sinister plot, Cross quickly finds himself committed to keeping his erstwhile enemy safe no matter what the cost. Amazon Goodreads

Just a Little Daring by Emma V Leech A Determined Daughter… Snow is cold, water is wet, and Vivien Anson is beautiful. It’s an indisputable fact, and one that is becoming increasingly tiresome. Viv has had more proposals of marriage than anyone considers seemly, and she’s getting a reputation as an ice maiden through no fault of her own. None of her prospective beaus see the woman behind the beautiful face. None of them understand who she truly is, but Viv is no shrinking violet, and she will not leave the biggest decision of her life in the hands of fate. A Man Resisting Temptation… August Lane-Fox is a liar. Despite years of bad-behaviour with his scandalous best friends, the ton believes August innocent of any wrongdoing. After all, how could a man with such guileless blue eyes and lovely manners be a dreadful scoundrel? Little do they know he was often the mastermind behind their most outrageous adventures. With his wicked friends happily married, August is looking for a quiet life, with a quiet wife. Tired of his radical mother and sisters’ constant dramas and scandals, the very last thing he wants is a woman who takes risks and invites disaster whenever possible. An Invitation for Adventure… If she can’t get the right man to propose, Viv will just have to be the one doing the proposing, and she has the very man in her sights. Mr. Lane-Fox appears to be the epitome of an elegant, upper-class gentleman, but Viv doesn’t believe it. Surely, if she uses the right bait, she can tempt the deliciously well-behaved, handsome August into revealing the devil lurking inside.

But it might take just a little daring… Amazon Goodreads

Educated by the Earl by Alexa Aston First sons inherit all. Third sons are promised to the church. Second sons do their duty and serve in the military—unless fate intervenes and turns their lives upside down. Welcome to Second Sons of London, a new Regency Historical Romance series by USA Today Bestselling author Alexa Aston, where seven men who are second sons lay claim to fabulous wealth and lofty titles and fulfill their destinies when they find their soulmates. A dutiful army officer who shuns intimacy. A selfless beauty ready to start living for herself. A chance meeting in the street that leads to love... When Major Spencer Haddock’s father dies, he returns to England as the Earl of Middlefield. He seeks a typical ton marriage, where his wife will provide him with an heir and possibly other children and then they go their separate ways. He intends to find his countess quickly and not waste time at boring social affairs. Lady Tessa Foster delays her come-out for several years in order to care for her ill parents. Now out of mourning, Tessa is eager to be introduced in Polite Society so she can find a husband and start a family of her own. When Spence attempts to save Tessa from a thief brandishing a knife, she turns and attacks Spence. He quickly learns that instead of the pliant woman he thought he wanted as his countess, he desires Tessa—a woman of beauty and valor who stands up for herself and those she cherishes. Can Spence change Tessa’s poor opinion of him and win the heart of the woman he has come to love? Amazon Goodreads

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