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Electrifying Reads to Rival Those Moody Summer Thunderstorms

Who loves summer thunderstorms? With dark, brooding skies, the sound of rain, flashes of light, and rolls of thunder, summer storms provide the perfect excuse for spending a day curled up near a big window to marvel at the sky and read. The next time the sky starts to open up, and you want something to read that pairs with the weather, check out these electrifying reads.

Crossing The Line (KTS #2) by Elise Faber

I saved him. Well, maybe he saved me. Or perhaps we saved each other.

All I knew was that one second, I was bickering with the man I pretended to despise—a man I secretly wanted more than my next meal—and the next the world was exploding around us.

KTS, the secret military agency I worked for, was under attack by a former agent turned traitor and everything we thought we knew about being the good guys was getting more complicated by the minute.

As was my relationship with Linc. I’d asked him out once, bared my feelings for him, and... he’d turned me down. Not gently, either.

But now we were fighting for our lives, and I discovered that perhaps his rejection wasn’t quite so simple. Maybe he’d pushed me away because once I was in his heart, there was no letting me go. Ever.



Bear Charm (Shifters Bewitched #2) by Tasha Black

I was the worst witch at Primrose Academy. Until a guardian chose me for his mate…

Every day is a battle to keep my place. The Legacy witches laugh at my magical accidents. My own friends cringe when I get called on in class. And even though the professors say powers like mine are difficult to restrain, I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m stripped of my school colors and sent home in shame.

I might be able to harness the weather one day, but right now I can’t even control my own life.

The only escape is in my dreams, where a beautiful man with golden eyes haunts my mind and warms my body. But it’s only a dream…

Until the night of the Choosing Ceremony, when he appears in real life to make me his mate.

But as much as I crave his touch (and I really, really do), my friends need our help. If we don’t hunt down a list of magical ingredients in time to stop a dangerous spell, hell will rain down on us all.

The situation is desperate enough that they even want ME, and my jacked up, unpredictable magic, fighting on their side.

But my power comes at a terrible price - a price that could be fatal to Reed. So if I love him, I have to resist the mating bond. If only the stubborn bear shifter wasn’t willing to face down death itself to make me his.



Lucian's Reign by V.F. Mason

Power. Money. Status. All the riches this world has to offer belong to me. Whatever I want, I get. And those who stand in my way? They don’t live long enough to tell their tale.

I’m a villain thriving in darkness, who seeks no redemption. A hunter who sets his sight on an irresistible prey.

There is a monster reigning inside me who covets to stake his claim and drag her to his cave.