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Fall Into A Good Book

Looking for a good book? Or should we say "books"? Now is the time to add to your TBR before snuggling into a pile of blankets with a Pumpkin Spiced Latte in hand. That's right, fall is here and we have the perfect reads to accompany those changing leaves.

A Gold Christmas (Gold Hockey Book 14) by Elise Faber Christmas time with the Gold is usually full of cheer, but this year leaves Brit feeling unsettled. Her best friend and love of her life is acting more Grinch than Kringle and she's worried she might be causing the drift. Along with a healthy dose of holiday spirit, changes are in the air. Stefan has retired, but Brit isn't quite ready yet. Brit knows that this is her life–and her man–and she's ready to fight for their future. With extra lights, cheery wrapping paper, homemade cookies, and sparkling ornaments, she is determined to make this their best Christmas ever. Will the extra holiday spirit help them fall for each other all over again for the new year? Goodreads Amazon

Intangible by Avery Samson She's being held captive. He's the only one who can save her. Thayer Kent was just going to sleep when she was kidnapped and shoved into a cage. She suddenly finds herself at the mercy of men who stole her to extract information from her father, a powerful Senator. At first she doesn't panic; she likes to think she's pretty tough. But when days turn into weeks and no one rushes to her rescue, she begins to give up hope. Memphis Prescott is a simple country veterinarian who keeps his head down, working in the rural farms of the Midwest. But he has a secret. A dangerous one. He thought he put his past behind him until two men show up unannounced: one with a taser, the other with the photo of a missing young woman. Now Memphis is in a race against time to find the one woman who is guaranteed to turn his quiet world into a fight for both of their lives. Using his unique powers to find Thayer was the easy part. Keeping her alive may be impossible. Goodreads Amazon

Knight Before Christmas (Romancing the Rink #4) by Kat Mizera Welcome to the small, quaint town of Garland Grove, set in the mountains of British Columbia. The final book in the Romancing The Rink series features Gabriel Lambeaux, retired Las Vegas Sidewinders hockey player who comes to Garland Grove to sell an ice rink he inherited but finds more romance than real estate. Goodreads Amazon

Farrah & the Court-Appointed Boss: A Laugh-Out-Loud Romantic Comedy (The Ampersand Series Book 4) by Pru Warren For fans of Christina Lauren, Lucy Score, and Sally Thorne: When a carefree party girl comes up against a determined virgin, sparks fly! Farrah’s family has gotten her out of countless scrapes. But when a judge refuses to overlook the fact that she shot illegal fireworks into a school (oops), Farrah is forced to return to the nightmare she thought she was ten years past: Back to high school. It’s too much to bear without a martini. Wait—no drinking too?! Michael is a guidance counselor and a determined advocate for virginity. The last thing he needs is red-headed chaos assigned to help him keep a “dirty dozen” of at-risk teens in school. But it turns out the kids love Farrah. And to Michael’s horror, he does too. Now what’s he going to do? A wild fashion show plan, turf wars between the teens, a party girl forced to sober up and a strong-willed virgin forced to loosen up; what could possibly go wrong? A steamy, laugh-out-loud romantic adventure from the author of ELLYN & THE WOULD-BE GIGOLO.

Arik: Alien Adoption Agency #7 by Tasha Black

Is his love hot enough to shelter her from the coming storm? Lucy is unable to believe her good fortune when she receives an invitation to adopt adorable baby Flora. And she can’t wait to move to a frontier moon to raise the little one on a farmstead of her own. But when she arrives on the desolate moon of Atropos, she realizes it will take every last ounce of her ingenuity and courage to get their new herd of tundra bison across the ice plains before they succumb to an earthquake, a blizzard, or a wild animal attack. Or worse… before she succumbs to the baby’s infuriatingly handsome guard. Arik knows instantly that the innocent-looking little Terran is his fated mate. But she plays it cool, pretending not to notice how irresistible he is, and instead focusing her surprisingly impressive survival skills on getting them all to the mountains unscathed. Her stubbornness would be enough to send the mighty Invicta dragon warrior over the edge, if he didn’t have bigger things to worry about, like how to protect baby Flora from the dangers of the treacherous moon. As more and more harrowing obstacles spring up in their path, Lucy and Arik begin to wonder if the frontier moon itself could be consciously fighting back against their efforts to tame her. The two might just have to drop their differences and join forces if they want to fight their way to safety, and prove they deserve a place in the harshly beautiful world of Atropos.

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