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Fantasy and Sci-Fi Reads for an Epic Book Club Discussion

Science fiction and fantasy are untapped genres for many book clubs. While the books may take us to distant worlds or a galaxy far, far away, they explore topics and themes that are very familiar to our world—and ripe for discussion. Consider these science fiction and fantasy novels for your next book club selection.

Raiden by Ali Lucia Sky

I never expected to see my favorite rock band standing in the office of my high school getting their schedules. Kids my age aren’t known for touring the world and making music for the masses, but Somnolence is. They welcome me. Raiden takes me in, loves me… it’s like a dream. Until darker forces, nightmares, and their own dark appetites come for me.

Lady and the Vamp by C.C. Wood

Astra may be a Valkyrie, but on the battlefield of love, she can’t win. Every man she dates is boring, intimidated by her, or treats her like one of the guys. She has nothing against beer and wings at a sports bar, but to be wined and dined once in a while isn’t too much to ask, right? Between her mother's “suitable” Vikings and the supernatural dating service, Mystical Matchmakers, neither seem to be able to get it right. Rune is a good-looking, successful vampire. The only people he kills are in the books he writes, yet every relationship he has seems to fizzle before he takes it to the next level. Desperate for something deeper, he joins Mystical Matchmakers, and is immediately smitten by the tall, beautiful Valkyrie. Their first date is fantastic and Rune just knows that she’s perfect for him. Until he hits an unexpected obstacle—her family. Can their relationship survive a fight with the people Astra loves the most?

Child of Etherclaw by Matty Roberts

The bonds of family go well beyond blood. But can those bonds hold when the blood itself carries a devastating secret? Fenlee’s opal necklace had always radiated a certain warmth since her mother’s death. But now, at sixteen, her world begins to unravel as the stone sparks to life, revealing itself to be an otherworldly artifact of untold power. Between her mechatronics studies at the academy and scavenging expeditions beneath the sprawling city of New Cascadia, Fenlee and her adopted brother, Elliot, try to decipher the mysteries of her necklace and its link to events in Fenlee’s past. But they’re not alone in their search. Strange undercity dwellers offer cryptic warnings, drones track their movements, and deadly corporate agents lurk in the shadows. When tragedy rips Fenlee’s family apart, she must learn to use the artifact’s power to save those who are deeply precious to her. But nothing can prepare her for the dark truths that she will uncover on that journey… Amazon

Deathwish By Justin Richman

Adam has a unique ability—he can heal from any injury. Thus far, he's used his ability for bar fights to win money. But after getting fired from his job, he realizes he needs to turn his life around. He partners with Shane Cranston, a lieutenant with the Mapleton police department. After going on an eventful ride-along with Shane, Adam begins to put his ability to the test. While working together, they stumble upon evidence linking certain people to the terroristic events that had previously occurred in Decker City. Adam and Shane realize something bigger is happening and the threat may be far from over. The criminal organization that was once believed to be only in Decker City has found its way into Mapleton and it's up to Adam and Shane to stop it before it's too late.

Chained Fates by Yve Vale

Four Demon Warriors. The last Serafim. One dark cell. Andora: I'm the last Serafim... the last of my kind. As a child, my parents were murdered, and I was taken prisoner. There is none left of my species to teach me the ways of my people or the secrets of my powers. All I know is that I can heal with my touch. Now, years later, I find myself imprisoned with four males from a violent warrior species. I am not their enemy, but they do not realize this. Krillon forces me to aid in their torture. With their massive size, horns, and tails, I worry they will seek revenge for my reluctant part in their torment. Is Krillon testing my healing abilities? Or is he attempting to awaken a more sinister power from within me? Rylak: I know that our torture is meant to be the beatings we suffer. But the true nightmare my pack and I face is hope. Here, in this forsaken pit, we believe that we have finally found our fated mate. We crave to protect this innocent female, but fear that we cannot.

Andora's presence will only cause us to fight that much harder. We hope not only to escape, but to take Andora with us and claim her as ours.

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