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Heartbreaking Romances That Will Give You All the Feels

We love a good rom-com, but sometimes you find yourself in the mood for chest-pinching, eye-watering, heart-wrenching romantic moments. So if you’re like us and just want to really feel the heartache in your next romance read, Check out these heartbreaking romances that will give you all the feels.

Hers to Crave (Sideswiped, #4) by Avery Samson The text just said to do something crazy. I don’t think that included having sex with a complete stranger only half an hour after meeting him. I am a complete idiot! Not only did I have sex with a random guy, he wasn’t a stranger. He’s a world-renowned soccer player that I should have recognized the instant I saw him. The problem is, he’s amazing. He’s sexy, athletic, funny and that accent. Holy cow! I should leave him alone, but how can I not crave him with every bone of my being? Claire Lloyd is the most amazing woman I’ve ever met. I don’t believe in love at first sight. Well, I didn’t until I saw Claire walking across campus. I really should be ashamed of what I did. I introduced myself as Alex, not the famous Xander Ross she might have recognized. I thought maybe if I had her once, I’d be able to let her go. But it’s Claire. No man in his right mind could let her go, now I just have to convince her we’re worth the effort. Goodreads Amazon

Crashed (Gold Hockey #12) by Elise Faber Once upon a time she’d had the happy ending. The doting fiancé. The expensive wedding. The happily-ever-after resting just at the tips of her fingers. Then in an explosion of glass, in a splintering of metal, everything had been taken from her. She’d shattered herself, had broken into a million tiny pieces. But eventually, she’d patched herself together, had hauled herself back into life, had built something she was content in. Content, but not happy. Never quite inching into happy again. Still, she had her friends, her job as a skating coach for the Gold, and she had her life. That was enough. And it had been enough. Until he knocked on her door. Until he came back and changed everything. Goodreads Amazon

Bought by Colleen Charles A leader is the one who never gives up. I built my company from the ground up and now I sit on a throne of iron. But I've sworn off love because I only want one woman. The one I can't have. We met back in grade school. Chasing each other around the playground. Spilling our secrets in the dead of night. I crushed hard and those feelings I caught haven't even begun to fade. So when my sweet, innocent Emmie wants to erase her six-figure student loan debt by auctioning her perfect body off to the highest bidder? I see red. If my naughty little engineer thinks she can gift her purity to another man... She's about to be bought. Goodreads Amazon

Hard Fall (St. Louis Mavericks #1) by Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera The St. Louis Mavericks are having the best season in team history. On pace for a pro hockey record, the unexpected death of their captain and star player knocks them off course in ways they never expected. Weston - My world was turned upside down the day Ben Whitmer died. Best friends since junior hockey, Ben was like a brother to me. My voice of reason and a grounding force on and off the ice. But as heartbroken as I am, I don’t have the luxury of grieving his loss. Not only do I have to hold our team together, I was named guardian of the two young children Ben and his wife left behind. Well, not just me—me and his wife’s best friend, Hadley. We’ve been left with the impossible task of deciding which of us will raise the kids, but there’s no way I’m letting that uptight ballbuster have them. Lines are drawn, but they begin to blur as I find out there’s more to Hadley than I thought. A lot more. Hadley - I can’t take the place of my beautiful best friend in her children’s lives. But I love them so fiercely that I’ll do whatever it takes to raise them the way their parents wanted. Wes Kirby is an obnoxious womanizer, and I won’t let him take Ben and Lauren’s children from me. Deciding to temporarily live together in our friends’ home, we attempt to provide the kids stability while we figure out which of us is better suited to raising them. As we learn parenthood together, my enemy Wes slowly becomes something different. Something more. And I’m left wondering not only if I’m enough for the kids, but if Wes and I are enough to last. Goodreads Amazon

Chained (Garrison Earth #5) by V.K. Ludwig I conquered her planet and pillaged her body. Now I’m back for her heart. A decade ago, I brought war to Solgad, home of the Jal’zar. I sacked the planet and slaughtered the people, all to save my race from extinction. Until one of their female warriors hissed defiance, promising me death at her hands no matter how her body longed for mine. Each night, she came to end me, only to succumb to the raw urges of her mating heat. Each night, I gave her hungry womb what it needed, the way we coupled neither safe nor sane. I was the enemy she couldn’t kill. She was the female I couldn’t have. Together, we unleashed chaos. Many solar cycles after the occupation, I return to Solgad, searching the ashen plains for her: my soulmate. This time, I will claim the Jal’zar female as mine, and nobody will get in the way. Not even myself. Goodreads Amazon

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