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Historical Romances for Fans of The Gilded Age

If you’re a fan of historical romances, we’ve compiled a terrific list of books from forbidden love to steamy romances. You’re sure to find a book that you won’t be able to put down!

Falling for the Warrior by Laura Shipley

An earl with amnesia. A countess with painful memories. Can they let go of the past and embrace a second chance at love? Owen Fernsby awakens in an Army hospital with no memory of the title he has inherited or the wife he left behind. As he tries to reclaim his life, Owen comes face to face with the man he once was and vows to become a better husband, one worthy of Selena’s love. But sometimes the past doesn’t want to stay buried. When Selena Fernsby collects her estranged husband from the hospital, she’s struck by the change war and injury has wrought in him. Gone is the cold-hearted bastard who instilled fear in her with the slightest touch. This new Owen is kind and gentle, sparking an attraction she finds it harder to resist. Can Selena forgive the man Owen was and embrace who he has become? Owen wants his wife with a desire that cannot be denied. But as his past catches up with him, Owen vows to keep Selena safe, no matter what the cost. Will Selena risk her heart? Or will emerging memories threaten their chance at happiness?

More than a Companion by Rose Pearson

An uncertain future for a lady…an arrogant Earl…will they find a way to a happy ever after? Sent to be her aunt’s companion by an impoverished father, Miss Honora Gregory struggles against disappointment and loneliness. Now in London, Honora’s aunt seeks only her own entertainment and Honora is forced into the background. Blunt and forthright, she does not hide her true opinion despite her lowly status. When her aunt gives her one evening, one opportunity of finding a gentleman to court her, Honora knows exactly which gentleman in particular she will make certain to avoid – the arrogant and selfish Lord Crampton. Robert, the Earl of Crampton is irritated with the lady. Even though she is only a companion, Robert finds himself caught up with her, angry at her manner towards him. When someone begins to bring trouble to Robert’s door, he is astonished to find that Honora is the one by his side. Will she be willing to help him, if he should ask? And can he eschew his pride and see her as more than just a companion?

The Duke Who Loved Me by Jennifer Monroe

A river divides their properties…bloodlines separate their hearts. Anna Silverstone dreams of escaping her life of burlap dress and calloused fingers-brought about by hard labor at a workhouse. Though her father is rumored to be an earl, her lineage has never been proven. With her brother wishing to sell her hand to any willing merchant, the prospect of love is beyond her reach. That is until fate intervenes and she meets Colin. Not only is he sinfully handsome, but he is also a duke, and she wants nothing more than to be with him. If she can only prove her bloodline, they will have a chance to be together… Colin, 9th Duke of Greystoke, heads England's wealthiest and most powerful family-the Remingtons. With all life's luxuries at his fingertips, Colin should want for nothing, but his heart yearns for the impossible - a woman who loves him for who he is, not what he owns. When Miss Anna Silverstone crosses his path, Colin begins to wonder if she might be the woman he has dreamed of. Beautiful, bold, and unafraid to speak her mind, she sees him as a man, not a title... But can he look past her humble origins? As Anna seeks to confirm her lineage, Colin wonders if he can balance the responsibilities of the dukedom with the man he truly is. But for this rag-to-riches romance to have a chance, each will have to fight for the happily ever after they both deserve.

An Offer from the Marquess by Sadie Bosque

It was the worst day of her life... Her wedding day Miss Isabel Lewis is down on her luck. Previously a perfect hostess and a proper lady, lately she’s been running into one trouble after another. Literally. One such unfortunate event costs her the respectability she worked so hard to earn. Now she has a choice, either marry a man she loathes or spend her life a ruined lady. A single father, a misbehaving child and an unruly dog The Marquess of Vane is a hermit, and a recluse. Having been burnt by women not once, but twice, he is determined to find a perfect, proper lady for the sake of his daughter and marquessate. No need for passion, love or even companionship. But when he runs into Miss Isabel and is forced to offer for her hand, sparks fly and promise to upturn his quiet, uneventful life. Will they allow their passion to burn, or will their past steal their right to happiness?

The Temptation of a Highlander by Elisa Braden

In the enchanting Midnight in Scotland series, the unlikeliest matches generate the greatest heat. All it takes is a spark of Highland magic. A woman hunted Once a hopeless wallflower, Clarissa Meadows blossomed into a beauty for a single splendid season—only to catch the eye of a madman bent on possessing her. Now, she must flee where he’ll never follow: a friend’s house in the Scottish Highlands. Except he does follow. And Clarissa has nowhere left to run. A protector unbound Campbell MacPherson shouldn’t be dreaming about the fair English lass who blushes like a sunrise, blurts out double entendres over breakfast, and shows a peculiar interest in the size of his hands. But when she reveals the threat putting fear in her eyes, this rough, solitary giant vows his protection, even if it means keeping temptation as close as his next breath. A temptation too hot to deny Clarissa couldn’t ask for a more imposing—or enthralling—bodyguard than Campbell MacPherson. But accepting his protection puts him squarely in a predator’s sights. And soon, she faces an impossible choice: stay in the shelter of his arms or save the man she loves from the wolf she’s brought to his door.

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