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It’s Time for New Books!

Skip out on that late-night scroll through your Twitter feed and start working on your reading list. Reading before bedtime can lull you to sleep or keep you up all night with a page-turner you cannot get enough of. If you do this frequently enough, it can become a part of your nighttime routine. So, get started with these 5 new books. It's time to read!

Adulting by Liz Talley

USA Today bestselling author Liz Talley’s emotional and heart-lifting novel about facing the past, unconditional love, and a woman on the verge of a breakthrough.

After another all-night bender, one more failed stint at rehab, and a parole violation, self-destructive actress Chase London has to deal with her demons. She’s been written off as a Hollywood casualty by almost everyone, including her own mother. But handsome superstar Spencer Rome has her back. So does an uncompromising stranger determined to start Chase at square one and help her pull her future into focus. If Chase is willing.

Life coach Olivia Han is devoted to “adulting” boot camp therapy. It’s not just her professional specialty, though—it’s also one way to avoid focusing on building a life of her own. To escape the pressures of Tinseltown, the two women head to Olivia’s cabin in the wilds of Northern California. There they discover a place in need of TLC. As they work together to rehab the once-charming cabin, they create a refuge where Chase can come to terms with her unsettled past, and where Olivia has an unexpected reckoning with her own troubling history.

For two women doing damage control, this is a time for second chances—in life, in finding love, in forgiving family, and in an emerging friendship that might be exactly what each of them needs to heal.



SEAL Salvation (Brotherhood Protectors: Colorado #1) by Elle James

All he wants is to be left alone. Jake Cogburn lost his leg, his career, his brotherhood and his will to live when he stepped on that IED in Afghanistan. Back in his home state of Colorado, he’s determined to bury himself as deeply as he can in a bottle of Jack Daniels until the pain in his leg and his heart is so numb he can no longer feel.

No man left behind. Hank Patterson refuses to let his buddy, Jake, slowly kill himself with alcohol. Hank’s plan to expand the Brotherhood Protectors into Colorado will only work if he can hire the best men for the job. He wants Jake and sends fellow Coloradan, Kujo, to pull Jake out of an alcohol-induced haze to work for the team. Hank’s contact has a place they can set up operations while flying under the radar—a flailing dude ranch, run by a former Marine Gunnery sergeant and his feisty daughter.

Rucker Juliet Tate is as unconventional as the name her father gave her upon her birth. After her mother died when RJ was only a baby, she was left in the capable hands of her taciturn Marine father to be raised tough and ready to accept any challenge. Including adopting a Military Working Dog with only three legs. Retraining the dog to live in a civilian world is practically a fulltime job. She’s up for it, until she witnesses a meeting she shouldn’t have seen and is thrown into the path of a killer who wants to wipe her memory, by erasing her from existence.

Jake’s first assignment as a Brotherhood Protector is to stick to the rebellious daughter of the owner of a dude ranch and make certain she doesn’t fall victim to the person gunning for her. Meanwhile, RJ fights to keep from falling victim to the love blossoming in her heart over the young Navy SEAL who dogs her every footstep. Even her German Shepherd likes the SEAL better than RJ. And worse…she finds herself falling for the cranky, one-legged frogman. Her challenge is to live long enough to see where these feelings take her.



Breaking Free (Delta Force Strong Book 4) by Elle James

The Delta Force team is sent to tumultuous Turkey to protect the American Embassy from a distance, undercover. Craig “Bull” Bullington is assigned inside the embassy to provide intelligence and protect the ambassador's daughter, acting as her American fiancé.

As the daughter of a Turkish mother and the American ambassador to Turkey, Layla Grey, knows her place but refuses to stand by and do nothing about injustices toward women in her mother’s country. Hosting dignitaries by day, she runs covert operations at night to free women captured to be sold into the sex trade. Having a bodyguard assigned to her cramps her style and she chafes at the constraints.

After her enemies compromise her cover, all hell breaks loose, and Layla’s life is on the line. Bull is forced to go rogue in order to get Layla out of the country alive.



Heathen (Redwood Rebels #2) by Rachel Leigh