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Most Popular Books of October

It's October and the need for immersive reads becomes ever more important. Get ready for the long winter haul with these captivating books that are sure to carry you safely to spring.

The Heart of a Villain by V.F. Mason

What happens when a Villain falls for the one woman he shouldn't... Does love break the curse and change everything? Or will it destroy them both?

Van by Kat Mizera

Temptation could destroy everything he’d spent his career building… Professional hockey player Jean-Michel Vander is living the dream…. And the Las Vegas strip is a long way from the small town in Quebec where he grew up. He works hard but he plays harder, especially in the off-season. The sexy redhead he spots doing a striptease in a Paris nightclub is all kinds of fun. Until he finds out who her father is… and she becomes all kinds of trouble. College graduate Daisy DeSantos is living her best life spending the summer traveling abroad with her friends in Europe. Before heading back home to Las Vegas to start her new life, she wants to live a little. When she dances with a handsome stranger in a nightclub, she gets more than she bargained for: a viral video and a fake boyfriend. The pretend relationship might have started out as a cover story, but their feelings are anything but fake.

A Season for Spies by Golden Angel

As she races to uncover the traitor, she can hide from him no longer... Perpetually vexed by his misbehaving niece, the Marquess of Camden and Spymaster to the Crown is putting his foot down once and for all. If Evie wants to participate in the hunt for the traitor, she will do so under the auspices of Captain Anthony Browne... the man who once asked her to be his mistress after she seduced him. Not that she ever told her uncle about the encounter. But now the captain knows her true identity and there's going to be a passionate price to pay for her trickery. After much confusion and frustration, Captain Anthony Browne has finally learned the identity of the mysterious tart who saved his life in a French brothel four years ago. But the last place he expected to find the lovely lightskirt with whom he shared a single night of pleasure is at the Marquess of Camden's side, where she is announced as the Spymaster's niece. Evie has no intention of marrying, even if the domineering Captain is the one man she has never been able to forget. Her only wish is to beat him and everyone else to the traitor. Though the competition between them is fierce, their attraction is even more powerful, and temptation is becoming harder and harder to resist.

Unraveled by Bella J.

I warned her. I told her there’s no line I won’t cross to keep her. And that’s what I did. I crossed a line. Thing is, I don’t regret it. I’d do it again if I had the chance. This all started with me needing a wife—a wife I didn’t want. But things changed. She got under my skin and into my bed. Now, I’m not willing to let her go. Not even if she begs me to set her free. She knew the risk. She knew my love would come with a burden she’ll carry for the rest of her life. And the rest of her life is now; it’s here with me as her husband. Whether she spends it behind a locked door forever…that’s up to her.

Zing by Kathy Coopmans

"I’m leaving you.” When my wife spat out those words, I was angry. Furious. I thought I could move on. Thought I could keep on living my best life without her. I was wrong. You don’t ever get over a woman like Rose Reynolds. You worship her until the day you die. I did while we dated, and for years after our marriage. But then I went and screwed up. My Rose comes with thorns, and she won't forgive me. She won't listen to a word I have to say. She's completely shut me out. When I see her on a date months later, I decide in order to win her back, I have to do everything I can to make her realize she's still mine. I'm going to play dirty. So, I follow her to her apartment building where we get stuck in the elevator. That's where things change. We say things we don't mean. Things we both regret. ​​​​​​​Things that just might be impossible to fix our marriage.

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