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Picks Your Book Club Will Love This Winter

Is there a better TBR list than a winter TBR list? Winter can be busy, and we all know it can be dark and dreary, but winter is also one of the best opportunities to cuddle up with a good book and a hot beverage. So get your blankets and sweaters ready and make sure you add these books to your list this season!

Gaia's Oath by Elin Peer & Pearl Beacon How do you hide your powers and pretend to be human when your anger alone makes the windows freeze over? Thousands of years ago when humans still lived in caves, Gaia took an oath to keep humans connected to nature. At the time it seemed like an easy promise to make but much has changed. Desperate to get humans back on track, Gaia goes down to earth and enrolls at a Scottish boarding school where four old souls have the potential to become historical change-makers. How will Gaia react when one of them turns out to be a soulmate from a previous life with whom she has unfinished business? Can she steady her heart and keep her focus? If she doesn’t get these four flawed human beings to step up and share their talents, will she run out of what little patience she has left and accidentally unleash another Ice Age? Amazon Goodreads

Redeemed: Joker and Daisy by Barbara Nolan Joker tries to atone, he wants to move forward, but sometimes you have to do wrong for the right reasons in order to be REDEEMED. Joker tries to put the past behind him, but when his son is caught in the crossfire of an old grudge, the Serpents MC band together to help him take down Digger, a vicious MC president. Daisy summons up her conning skills, and makes a deal with a Las Vegas ‘fixer’ who has his own agenda. She formulates the perfect sting to lure Digger to Vegas for a final showdown, but will associating with her past tempt her in a way she hadn’t expected? Joker wagers it all in the City of Sin for vindication, and absolution, but can he finally be REDEEMED? Amazon Goodreads

Because I Can (Necklace Trilogy Book 2) by Lisa Renee Jones To the world, Dash Black is famous, wealthy, wildly good-looking, and intriguing. To say that he came into my life and shook my world is an understatement. He looked into my eyes and I swear our souls connected, but then, I saw what no one else was ever allowed to see. I saw a complicated man with secrets, a man who hides behind a persona that tells only part of his story. And ultimately, I felt his pain and he felt mine. He told me I belonged with him. I believed I did. But in the book of life, the pages don't turn with a simple flip of a sheet of paper. In life, sometimes the page won't turn. Sometimes we discover that what is right is more terrifying than what is wrong. I love Dash Black, but he terrifies me. I believe he feels the same about me. And I'm not sure where that leaves us or what comes next. Amazon Goodreads

Kidnapped on Christmas by Avery James King Get stolen away by Santa this Christmas. Nikolai is taking over the family business, and this is his first year as the new Santa Claus. Everything is running smoothly, until the young woman at the top of his nice list catches his undivided attention. Juniper's favorite part about Christmas is being able to give back to her community and help those in need around her. She doesn't expect this to earn her any special attention, but it does. In a spur of the moment decision, Nikolai grabs a hold of Juniper and whisks her away to the North Pole. Only, the things that he has in mind for her are sure to move her straight to the top of the naughty list. And if he has it his way, directly into the role as his wife, and the new Mrs. Claus. It's easy to say that Christmas will never be the same again. For either of them. Amazon Goodreads

Big Bad Wolf by Diana A. Hicks From award-winning author Diana A. Hicks comes the captivating conclusion to the Big Bad Wolf duet. Santino and Luce’s forbidden love story concludes in Big Bad Wolf (Wolf Duet, Book #2). The punishment for killing a Don is death… I have to find Luce before our enemies do, and I lose her forever. She thinks she can hide from me. But I don’t care if I have to go to the ends of the world to get her back. One way or another, Luce O'Brien has to understand that I’m not letting her go. She’s mine to keep, mine to protect. Amazon Goodreads

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