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Romance Reads to Keep You Inside This November

Whether you're looking for a steamy love story, enemies-to-lovers goodness, or the book equivalent of a vacation, the best romance reads of November have you covered. A selection of swoon-worthy books that cover a wide variety of subgenres, including fantasy, rom-com, and historical romance. In short, love is in the air in a big way this month, which is sure to result in you finding plenty of reasons to stay inside and read (hey, this is a no-judgment zone because we're definitely right there with you).

A Blaze of Fire (Fated Fae Elementals Book 2) by Karina Espinosa To protect the ones you love, who would you be willing to become? Striking a deal with Alec, an Unseelie High Fae, I agree to follow him to the Fae realm and seek sanctuary in the Unseelie Court. Staying hidden in the human realm is no longer an option if I want to keep Ansel and my mother safe. But revealing my identity came with a whole host of problems. As the carrier of the orb, I have the power of all of the elements, except they’ve been dormant for twenty-five years. The Unseelie King is anxious for me to learn how to use my powers, but when I learn an ability that should be impossible, I’m no longer the safest person in the Unseelie Court. Tensions rise as I’m separated from Ansel and grow closer to Alec. Is anyone really as good as they say they are? Or are they all just as bad?

Fatal Secrets (Shadow City: Dark Angel Book 4) by Jen L. Grey and Shadow City The truth shattered everything. After having our worlds ripped apart by everything we'd uncovered, my mate and I thought the surprises were behind us. Unfortunately, Fate has other plans. As a trained warrior, I'd always been confident that I would win, especially with my love by my side. But this war is something different, and I'm not quite sure Justice will be served. Battle is imminent, and the residents of Shadow City are greatly outnumbered. My mate, friends, and family stand together to protect our home as well as the rest world... even if the fight brings our death. Amazon Goodreads

When the Heart Brings You Home by Robin Maderich When the Heart Brings You Home, A Connor Falls Christmas Collection, is a heartwarming collection of three-holiday novellas, all set in the small town of Connor Falls, Pennsylvania during the Christmas season, and each a story of family and love with a touch of romance. Winter Light - a troubled little girl brings the Christmas Spirit back to her struggling single father and the woman he once kissed many years ago. Light the Heart Home - two sisters with secrets reunite at Christmas, prodding old wounds and finding healing love. Home for the Holidays - all Susan Hardwick wants is to find her way back home.

Corrupt Knight by Tracy Lorraine USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Tracy Lorraine brings you a new dark mafia, high school bully romance story set in the Knight's Ridge Empire world.

Reckless Rebound by Brooke O'Brien Jaxsen Wild has landed himself in hot water with the NBA. After letting his temper get the best of him during a game, he’s slapped on the wrist with a warning—get your act together, or your career and the championship with the Miami Blaze is on the line. He wasn’t looking for love, and he certainly never saw Emmy coming when she crashed into him at the airport. Jaxsen is used to women using him for his money and the media dragging his name through the mud. The last thing he needs is another scandal with his name plastered in the headlines. Still, something about how she has no idea who he is, draws him in. Learning her ex cheated on her has Emmy swear off men and relationships forever. All she wants is one night of passion to forget everything—no strings attached. Who better than Mr. Tall, Dark and Dreamy staying at her hotel after their canceled flight leaves them stranded in the city? Except Jaxsen wants more than one night with Emmy, and he isn’t ready to let her go so easily. When word gets out about their relationship and Jaxsen finds out the secret she’s been keeping, Emmy fears he’ll believe she’s using him like all the women before her. Or worse, he'll live up to his bad boy reputation and turn out to be as much of a player off the court as he is on it. Amazon Goodreads

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