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Set Sail for Distant Places and Times with These 5 Absorbing Historical Romance Novels

Here are five books that will still transport you to incredible, far-flung places and times. These books cover enough centuries and oceans to quench even the greatest wanderlust. No need to pack a bag; just pick up one of these absorbing reads and prepare to set sail for parts unknown.

A Season for Smugglers by Golden Angel

Will his daring debutante rescue reveal the traitor to the crown? Lily Davies' first—and final, if she has anything to say about it—Season in London is mercifully coming to an end. Exhausted by the parade of balls, importuning gentlemen, and the endless dismissal of her suspicions about a certain captain, Lily wants nothing more than to return to her quiet life of country walks and intensive study. Unfortunately for this bluestocking, she is besieged en route to Derbyshire and kidnapped by a highwayman. In London to assist his brother, the brand new Earl of Talbot, Captain Nathan Jones is on the hunt for the traitor to the crown. But when it becomes clear that Miss Davies' life is very much in danger, Captain Jones is dispatched to ensure the reluctant debutante travels safely. Escorting her safely home will also give him the perfect opportunity to question Miss Davies about the highly dubious gifts she's been receiving from the French. As Captain Jones becomes the unlikely hero to a very uncooperative damsel in distress, he quickly learns that rescuing Miss Davies is only the beginning of his troubles. One unfortunate compromise leaves this pair with no choice but to head for the altar, and the unnecessary distraction just might ruin his opportunity to uncover the identity of the traitor once and for all. Amazon

The Musician by Tess Thompson

Fiona Barnes has a secret. One so big she's afraid it will destroy everything she holds dear. Not even her beloved music can save her. Li Wu has fought prejudice his entire life. But he's always felt safe and protected within the fierce love of the Barnes family. If only the object of his desire were free to be his, all would be well. Will he risk everything to be with the one he loves or will societal pressures keep them apart? Join the Barnes family for Fiona's story, and return to the world of Emerson Pass for another heart-warming installment of this American Historical Romance by USA Today Bestselling Author Tess Thompson. Amazon

Forsaking the Dragon by K.L. Bone

7,000 years ago a lie was born to hide a destructive truth—a Kalleen Princess defended her Amethystine love to her dying breath. For millennia, Amethystine dragons have been banished from the Kalleen Kingdom, their very existence erased from the annals of history. But some claim, in the icy wastelands to which they were exiled, the Amethystines survived and wait for an opportunity to reclaim their land and birthright. To protect her kingdom from the wicked and powerful temples that challenge her rule, Dragon Queen Amelia ventures into the ice-swept mountains in search of legends. The path proves treacherous, and the dragons she seeks may be the greatest threat she has yet faced. Accompanying Amelia on this journey, Conner will stop at nothing to protect her, hoping his devotion and loyalty will be enough to overcome the secrets and family legacy he has kept hidden from the woman he loves. As Amelia delves deeper into Amethystine lands, she must contend with the ancestral hatred from those her kingdom wronged centuries before, while finding a way to convince the Amethystines that if they fail to stand together both kingdoms will fall. To forge such an alliance, the Amethystine council demands a shocking price, one Amelia may not be willing to pay. Return to the Kingdom of Kalleen… Amazon

Rohesia by Kaitlynn Clarkson

He’s a battle-hardened soldier. She loves him, but will he ever be able to claim her for his own? The chevaliers are coming home to Longueville after another battle, and Rohesia can’t wait to see her older brothers again. What she isn’t expecting are the friends they bring with them, including the handsome, worldly-wise Richard Fitz Gilbert. When her disguise as a boy is uncovered, she expects Richard to be angry, but he is amused by her ingenuity. She falls in love with the skilled warrior, living for a word or a look from him. But Richard has other matters on his mind, and his friends’ younger sister is still just a child in his eyes. The battle-hardened soldier is forced to leave Longueville to protect the lands of its ruler, and it is some time before he returns. When he does, he discovers that Rohesia has matured into a beautiful young woman. But will he ever be able to make an offer for her hand? Or is he destined to go on living the life of a soldier, fighting one battle after another, never able to settle down with a wife of his own? Rohesia: Lady Of Longueville is a clean, sweet novella, the second in the House Of Clare series. Read for strong, spirited women and brave heroes, castles, battles and adventures. Above all, this is a sweet love story between two people who face the turbulent times they live in with courage and strength while they find a way to be together. Amazon

A Chance for Esther by Marlene Bierworth

What if you discovered the man running for sheriff was also working the wrong side of the law? And what if that man was your intended husband. Last Chance in 1895 is a shadow of what it once was, filled with too many women competing for the few men left to save them from poverty, starvation, and spinsterhood. Closed businesses and broken dreams rule the day, drawing a diversity of men to the struggling town; men on both sides of the law. Esther Sorenson has returned from Colorado, abandoning her fight to save women from male domination, only to find her hometown wallowing in depression and in need of fresh inspiration. She chooses to support Duke Granger for sheriff in the election, only to fall in love with the man who harbors dangerous secrets. Will Esther compromise her loyalties, and will demanding the truth bring an end to her dreams of happy ever after? When trouble visits their cozy, peaceful town, it will test the couple’s commitment to one another and risk their place of trust in the community. Love, hope, and faith will be challenged as Esther and Duke endeavor to find a new and trusted place to call home among the oppressed inhabitants of Last Chance, Nebraska. Amazon


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