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Set Sail for Distant Places and Times with These Glamorous Vacation Reads

With travel restrictions still relatively tight and a whole summer ahead of us, we’re all eager to take a little trip. Here are five books that will still transport you to incredible, far-flung places and times, minus all the risks. Reading has a way of whisking you away on a brilliant adventure without the need to leave the comfort of your home. Starry-eyed and longing for a summer escape, If you, like us, are more inclined to splurge on a stack of books than an airplane ticket, these books will provide you with the perfect glamorous bookcation.

Raven Song: Shifters Bewitched #4 by Tasha Black Magic has ruined my life more times than I can count. The “strange things” that happened when I was a kid managed to shuffle me from one foster home to the next. I was lost, until Headmistress Hart found me. The stern, big-hearted woman in the flowing robes brought me straight to Primrose Academy, where magic was not only accepted, but the subject of passionate study for every woman there. I finally had a place to call home. But I’m different from the other Primrose witches. My friends and professors at Primrose Academy work diligently for every breath of magic they possess. For them, power always comes at a price. But there is no price for my magic. Power flows through me like water from a tap, and the only hard part is turning it off. I struggle every day not to let it show, but the truth is getting harder to hide. And while lying about the source of my magic might make me lose my friends one day, telling the truth could mean I lose my place at the only home I’ve ever known. But then the Raven King descends on our world, flooding our side of the veil with his strange, fae magic. And when he sees me, really sees me, I feel a pull like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Suddenly, my own problems seem small in comparison to the threat he poses. And I know I can’t hide my power any longer. I’m sure I have a part to play in this. I might even be able to save us all, if I could only stop dreaming about the Raven King’s pale eyes… Goodreads Amazon

Deep Water by Jade Cary The past may drown them both. Murder and violence is all in a day’s work for Lieutenant Vincent Girardi. But there is something about this one that doesn’t add up. When a piece of paper with an address written on it is found at the crime scene, Vince believes that the the target is actually Dr. Rowan Delaney, and he plans to find out why. Dr. Rowan Delaney is biding her time. In less than a week she will give testimony that will rid her of a painful past once and for all, and grant her and her two children the freedom she has been seeking for years from her ex. So when Lieutenant Girardi and his partner show up at her door and try to change her plans, she's not pleased. She needs to move on, without interference from anyone—including the handsome cop darkening her doorstep. The chemistry between them cannot be denied, even though it complicates everything. Vince must protect her without his feelings for her getting in the way, and Rowan must accept his help—and his innate need to protect—without losing herself in the process. Two killers, one forbidden love affair. But are they in too deep? Goodreads Amazon (coming soon!)

Laugh Lines & Lost Things (Mystical Midlife in Maine #2) by Brenda Trim I’m ditching my Spanx, owning my laugh lines and ready for anything. I’ve been asked to find a missing ghost and her enchanted sewing machine. Myrna is still out there causing problems and killing witches. And a member of my new coven is missing. Of course, I’m expected to fix it all. I’m a middle-aged mom and multitasker extraordinaire, so this should be easy. I want to throat punch whoever made that saying up. There is nothing simple about tackling ten problems at once, even if they’re mundane ones. Before I can get to my growing to-do list, I'm smack dab in the middle of a demon invasion. And, just my luck, the sexy son of Hades is back in the Underworld and not there with his mystical mojo. To stop to the Tainted from destroying my town, I’ve got to face my fears and leap without a safety net. But, don’t worry. I’ve got this. After all, I’m raising a teenaged daughter on my own. There is no sign that things will settle anytime soon. Apparently, the new status quo is being in the thick of it again and again with turmoil at every turn. I’m going to need another glass of wine. Goodreads Amazon

Big Bad Wolf: A Dark Mafia Romance (Wolf Duet Book 1) by Diana A. Hicks Santino Buratti is ruthless, powerful, and only cares about one thing...his latest prey Lucinda O'Brien. A Note from Hicks: Big Bad Wolf is book one in the Wolf Duet and is part of the Crime Society World. It contains explicit scenes, kidnapping, and dubious situations some readers might find offensive and/or triggering. This duet is the darkest mafia romance I've done. You're going to love Santino and his twisted ways. Goodreads Amazon

To Smoke (Phoenix: LexTal Chronicles Book 3) by Elise Faber Darcy was used to people looking past her. Hell, she’d made an art form of it—avoiding the busybodies, doing what she wanted with her life. And for the most part it worked. She got to do what she wanted, when she wanted because people left her alone. Unfortunately, there was one person who had decided to ignore the No Entry signs and barbed wire that made most people keep their distance as he barreled his way through her peaceful existence. Morgan was one of the strongest soldiers protecting her people, but he seemed to live to press her buttons, to infuriate her, to drive her absolutely to the edge of reason. That was his art form, and he was excellent at it. Still, Darcy was stubborn and would not be worn down. She wouldn’t let anyone in, least of all Morgan. But then . . . he gave her the letter. Goodreads Amazon

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