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Summer Reads for Your Beach Bag

No matter what your favorite summer escape entails, there’s a book on this list that fits the bill. There’s no end to the places you can travel through the pages of these summer novels. Happy reading!

Fealty by Kathleen Kelly

My name is Jamison Felder. I used to be with the CIA. My code name was Wraith. My daughter, Ann, got into Stonewall University, full ride. It’s an old institution with a good reputation. Their students go on to become powerful, rich, successful people. The Elite. This should have sent up warning signals. I should have been more careful. You see, it’s not Ann they were after, but me. I’ll do anything for my daughter and the life we now have. Here’s hoping Stonewall University looks after my girl. My name means—a ghost or a ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death. And if they hurt my daughter, I will be the last person they will see. Amazon Goodreads

Brutal Kiss by B. B. Hamel I’m the only man in the world that can keep Daley Halloran safe. She’s an Irish mob princess with a big, red target on her back, and I’m her new bodyguard. Except she hates my guts and blames me for the car accident that took her best friend’s life eight years ago. We used to be close. I kissed her for the first time on the night that ruined everything, and I haven’t forgotten the taste of those lips in all these bitter years. Now we’re grown up and Daley’s unlocking my closed-off heart. I need another taste, and I won’t stop until I have all of her and more. No matter how much she despises me, I’ll keep Daley safe, and I’ll make her see the truth. She’s mine now, and she’ll need to get past her hatred and embrace this newfound lust if she’s going to survive the war that’s coming.

Dark Knight by Tracy Lorraine She's the mafia princess he was meant to stay away from. And he did. Until that one night when he was able to hide his identity and his darkness under a different kind of mask. But one taste wasn't enough. Only the next time their paths cross, his inner demon is truly exposed. Can she handle it, or will his darkness send her running back to her castle and smothered life?

Daring Draftsman by Alexa Padgett He was never supposed to be mine… Nico Wright hates me because of my sister’s actions. I hate him because of how he makes me feel. I’m all twisted up with attraction, longing, and a large dose of shame. When I find out he’s the architect I need to help me get the old theater turned into a proper dance studio, I have no choice but to use his designs to bring my vision to reality. As I spend with Nico, I realize he’s the only one who understands how much I ache over losing my prima ballerina position at the Boston Ballet. He, too, had his dreams shattered by people who claimed to love him. Just like me. I’m learning the real Nico. He cares too much. Unfortunately, I can’t let him fall for me, the younger sister of his ex-fiancée who already cost him his job and his reputation.

Catching Quinn by Jennifer Bonds What’s a girl have to do to lose her virginity around here? Quinn “Quinntastrophe” Mowery is a hot mess. Or possibly—probably?—cursed. Seriously. She's trying to cash in her V-card but apparently, she's the only woman in the history of ever who can't even get laid at a frat party, thanks to Cooper-the-cockblocking-jockhole-DeLaurentis. Yeah. That Cooper DeLaurentis. The one who's famous for being a player on and off the field. Cooper's carefully crafted reputation suits him just fine. As long as he’s pulling down passes and putting up touchdowns, no one looks too close or expects too much. So, no one’s more surprised than he is when he cockblocks his frat brother’s younger sister. Twice. Quinn’s ridiculous virginity quest is none of his business, and the snarky, sexy redhead is exactly the kind of distraction he can’t afford. With his shot at being a first-round NFL draft pick drawing closer every day, Coop needs to stay focused. Because if he fumbles, his future isn’t the only one on the line.

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