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The Best Books to Read This Winter

The unspeakable pleasure of a good hardcover in our hands with a compelling story on its pages will take us from the cold, dark days of winter into the welcoming warmth of spring.

All It Takes by J.H. Croix

Tiffany - Romance is on my never-again bucket list. I’m moving back to Alaska with plans to turn into a grand old cat lady. When I run into Wes, my hormones have a different opinion. Also, there is no cat on the horizon. Rather, a sweet rescue dog. Wes was quiet and smart in high school. Now a hotshot firefighter, he comes complete with panty-melting powers. A few fantasies never hurt. Until our lives get waaaay more entangled than I ever expected. Wes - Between firefighting and helping my mother with the local animal shelter, time is one thing I don’t have. When Tiffany crosses my path, she may be tempting, but I have less than zero time. Except, apparently, for kissing her. When life throws a serious curve ball, Tiffany becomes someone I can’t forget. I just have to convince her we’re worth the risk.

My Forever Fling by Maci Dillon

Maxine Vance, the girl next door who stole my heart and broke it often. She’s a woman who’s not afraid to take what she wants. Except when it comes to me. The more she pushes me away, the more I want her. She’s my kryptonite wrapped in a killer smile and legs for days. The years without her were the hardest of my life. But now she’s back, with an offer I can’t refuse. Roman Evans, the bad boy next door I dreamed of marrying. My best friend and part time lover. After thirty years of bad decisions, I'm ready to be his forever. But there's something he doesn't know. A secret I swore to take to my grave. And it could be our undoing.

His Cursed Obsession by Theresa Moore

“You can’t marry her.” Those words stung my heart. It left me reeling for answers about how I got involved with two sisters without knowing. Then the impossible happened.

Chasing Sparks by Alicia Nichols

How can I confess my exciting affair with my best friend’s older brother? I might be better off fleeing from the Darwin brothers all together. The last thing I need is a whirlwind romance that makes me second-guess my sanity. I’ve made plenty of mistakes in the past. We almost lost our family ranch because of them. And I almost lost my sister. It was partly thanks to firefighters like Jake that all that is behind us. He has a special aura and is so effortlessly sexy. He’s been nothing but gentle and caring. Should I give this firefighter a chance? And will his love redeem my heart?

Mr. Second Best by L.M. Fox

I'm in love with my best friend’s widow. The only person I’ve cared more for is gone. There’s no doubt he knew, and never let on. It was just the kind of man Jake was. I’ve worn my guilt like a second skin since we were teens, worshipping her from afar. Yet time has done me no favors. Under the surface, resentment grows. A rage no one else sees. Because I’m trapped. I can’t move on, but I can’t have her. But now she’s asked me to do the unthinkable… grant her the comfort she needs. I’m helpless to say no to Melanie. I’d give her anything. Even if doing this will ultimately destroy me when it’s over.

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