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The Weather Is Warm And So Are These Romance Novels

Embrace the sunny Spring weather with a spicy romance to replace those suspenseful thriller books you were snuggling under the covers reading this winter. Lift your spirits and get tangled in some sizzling love stories that are perfect for Spring.

Bad Blind Date by Elise Faber

Jet, the doctor she’d worked with halfway around the world. The man she’d slept with and then had fallen desperately in love with. The one who, in cliché naïve female fashion, had decimated her heart. And the one who transformed an unwanted, but a tolerable night out into the blind date from hell. Because apparently Jet had decided his biggest regret was letting her go.

Try Me by Jill Brashear

Hawaiian surfer Declan Bishop is living a lie. He’s known for being the life of the party, but it’s all pretend. His high-profile girlfriends are fake, and his friends have deserted him. Despite reaching the pinnacle of his career, Declan has just about given up on life. He’s definitely given up on happiness. And then he meets Pearl Sunn.

Unleash You by Diana A. Hicks

UNLEASH YOU is book 4 in the Cole Brothers series. A new family saga binge reading experience: 5 brothers, 5 full-length novels in 5 months. Note: This is a steamy romance with explicit sensual scenes, happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Her Cyborg Warriors by Grace Goodwin

Professional surfer Sue Tanaka didn't want to leave her beloved Hawaii, the ocean waves, or the vibrant sea life she's worked so hard to protect. But her protests and aggressive tactics didn't mesh with the law and she's found herself behind bars. Her choice? Ten years in jail or life as an Interstellar Bride. Never one to shy away from adventure, she decides to take her chances in the stars—with not one, but two sexy-as-hell alpha warriors on The Colony.

Blocked by Jami Davenport

It all starts when I have a one-night stand with my teammate's estranged wife, only I'm not aware she's married, let alone his wife. Now she's stalking me, my teammate hates me, and I'm madly attracted to his sister.

Sleeping With My Boss: A Steamy Workplace Romance by Vivian Wood

Take one hot but grumpy boss. And one mouthy young lady. Add tight quarters on a boat. Multiply that by fanning the flames. You get a fierce love that blooms between them. The weight of their secrets might drown them both though...

Get ready for Gabriel and Luna to take your breath away!

Doctor Steamy by Kristen Kelly

Dive into Book 3 of the Man in Uniform Series. The story of Doctor Steven Russo--he's given up on love--and Mattie Goldwater--she never will and see what obstacles they face as they find their happily ever after.


The MODEL: A Steamy Workplace Romance by Harlow Layne

The moment I heard Ryder’s voice I was a goner. As a photographer, I was used to working with beautiful people, but Ryder Williams was the most perfect male specimen that had ever stood before me. I knew without a doubt it would take no time at all for him to be the next big thing... or for him to steal my heart.

Darby by Mazzy King

I’ve known Darby Cisneros since we were kids, and he was always the shy, quiet type. I always thought he was sexy, but he barely acted like I existed. Even now, as a cop, he hardly has two words to say to me even though he’s helped my family out in the past. Now that I’m single after a terrible breakup, I move into the vacant apartment in his building. Being so close to him and still so far away drives me nuts, especially at night. But now, with me next door…he won’t be able to ignore me.

KEEPER by Harloe Rae

That’s the second thing I ask the stranger hovering just outside of my hospital room. To me, Decker Fredric is another nameless face in the crowd. To him, I’m a forgotten girl he hasn’t seen in years. But he agrees to be my crutch through the fog as if we were once friends.

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