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Unsettling Thrillers That Will Haunt You Until the Last Page

History is filled with terrors, both real and imagined, that create the tantalizing genre of thrillers. There is something about thrillers that are grounded in a bit of both truth and myth, that makes it read all the more bone-chilling. Here are a few thrilling reads that will keep you turning the pages until the very end.

The Destruction of Sevyn by Ember Michaels

She thought she got away with murder. Now I'm back to remind her that no sin goes unpunished. Seven years ago, Sevyn Langdon shattered my family. She initiated a plan, drenched in lust and envy, which stole my sister's life. Her family’s wealth ensured her involvement vanished. Her pride stroked my desire for revenge. And my wrath will end them all. Where the justice system failed, I will not. I will never forget. I will never forgive. May God have mercy on their souls—because I won't. Seven years I waited and now the seven responsible will atone for their wrongdoings. I won't stop until they all pay–starting with the mastermind of it all. And I won't be satisfied until she's destroyed.

19 Yellow Moon Road by Fern Michaels

A thrilling new book in the wildly popular series from the author of Hidden, legendary #1 New York Times bestseller Fern Michaels! The Sisterhood is reuniting to investigate The Haven, a suspicious spiritual organization that’s more dangerous cult than caring commune… Maggie Spritzer’s nose for a story doesn’t just make her a top-notch newspaper editor, it also tells her when to go the extra mile for a friend. When she gets a strange message from her journalism pal, Gabby Richardson, Maggie knows her services are needed. Gabby has become involved with The Haven, a commune that promises to guide its members toward a more spiritually fulfilling life. But Gabby’s enthusiasm has turned to distrust ever since she was refused permission to leave the compound to visit her sick mother. Maggie wants to learn more about The Haven, and the Sisterhood is eager to help. It turns out The Haven’s founders are the sons of a disgraced Chicago businessman in prison for running a Ponzi scheme. They also have connections to a Miami billionaire with dubious sidelines. Soon, the Sisterhood gang embark on a search—and uncover a web of crime that runs deeper and higher than they ever imagined. And they’ll need all their special skills to bring it down.

No Way Back by J. B. Turner

From the author of the of the bestselling Jon Reznick Thriller series comes an exhilarating new adventure. When the people he loves most are in danger, Jack McNeal will get revenge...or die trying. NYPD detective Jack McNeal is used to asking the tough questions. But a late-night visit from the Secret Service lands Jack on the other side of the table—as a suspect in the disappearance of his estranged wife, Caroline, a prominent reporter on the White House beat. When her body is found floating in the Potomac, Jack is overcome by disbelief and despair. Her death seems eerily similar to the suspicious fatality of a young socialite years before. Is the similarity of the two tragic incidents simply a coincidence, or could it be a sign of a murderous orchestrated plot to protect those in the highest echelons of the American government? To avenge Caroline’s death, Jack embarks on a journey into the darkest recesses of power. Suspects abound—from haunted special forces soldiers to ex-CIA to the president’s own body man. Along the way, Jack will be forced to decide: Is there a line he won’t cross to expose the killer?

The One Impossible Labyrinth by Matthew Reilly

THE END IS HERE - Jack West Jr has made it to the Supreme Labyrinth. Now he faces one last race - against multiple rivals, against time, against the collapse of the universe itself - a headlong race that will end at a throne inside the fabled labyrinth. AN IMPOSSIBLE MAZE - But the road will be hard. For this is a maze like no other: a maze of mazes. Uncompromising and complex. Demanding and deadly. A CATACLYSMIC CONCLUSION - It all comes down to this. For it ends here - now - in the most lethal and dangerous place Jack has encountered in all of his many adventures. And in the face of this indescribable peril, with everything on the line, there is only one thing he can do. Attempt the impossible.

Empire of Sin by Rina Kent

My boss. My sin. I’m not the type who has one-night stands. It wasn’t supposed to happen, okay? A couple of drinks and a sinful British accent later and I’m in bed with a stranger. Of course, I left first thing in the morning because I’m a responsible adult. An adult who has a new job that I need in order to keep my double life a secret. Little did I know I’m not, in fact, responsible. Because the stranger I left in bed? Yeah, he’s not a stranger after all. He’s my new boss. Knox Van Doren might have a charming smile, but a true villain lurks beneath it all. And like any villain, he’ll use my sin against me...

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