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Witching In A Winter Wonderland With These 5 Books

You may think the Fall is the only time for witchery, but we say winter and witches go together like snowflakes and hot cocoa! If January has been keeping you cold, here are some witchy reads that will excite…and maybe even scare you a bit, too. So, snuggle up by the fire with a hot cup of cocoa, a warm blanket, and one of these five paranormal fantasy reads!

Forging Darkness by Julie Hall

No one knows if Steel is dead or alive . . . except me. For months I kept the late-night calls from Steel a secret, until he let it slip that he tracked down his villainous sister, Silver. He needs help—even if the powerful angel-shifter is too stubborn to admit it. But the Steel I find isn’t the same boy from Seraph Academy. He’s darker. Haunted. And the distance between us can’t be crossed by a simple flap of my wings. When a battle with the Forsaken goes horribly wrong, I awaken as a prisoner inside a Fallen stronghold. My enigmatic abductor—Thorne—is manipulative, secretive, and claiming I’m meant to rule by his side.

I’m not buying it, especially since the alluring offer to unveil the mystery of my seraph ancestry comes at the cost of bringing every Nephilim to their knees. Lines between the realms will blur. My world will burn. And this time, I’m not sure I can fight the darkness on my own. Join Emberly and Steel's epic adventure of fantasy, magic, romance, and angel lore that will keep you turning pages well into the night.

A Glimmer of Death by Valerie Wilson Wesley

Until now, Odessa Jones' inherited ability to read emotions and foretell danger has protected her. But second sight didn't warn her she would soon be a widow--and about to lose her home and the catering business she's worked so hard to build. The only things keeping Dessa going are her love for baking and her sometimes-mellow cat, Juniper. Unfortunately, putting her life back together means taking a gig at an all-kinds-of-shady real estate firm run by volatile owner Charlie Risko...

Until Charlie is brutally killed--and Dessa's bullied co-worker is arrested for murder. Dessa can't be sure who's guilty. But it doesn't take a psychic to discover that everyone from Charlie's much-abused staff to his long-suffering younger wife had multiple reasons to want him dead. And as Dessa follows a trail of lies through blackmail, dead-end clues, and corruption, she needs to see the truth fast--or a killer will bury her deep down with it.

Regent Witches (Supernatural Shifter Academy Book 5) by G. Bailey

My powers are back, my men are safe, but the academy has a new enemy. And we are all at risk if we can't stop him. Full Description coming soon.

Curses, Cold & Cruel by Victoria Wright

Who ever heard of a witch getting evicted? There's gotta be a spell to make these bills go away. Sadly, I don't know it, and I'm out of time to pay. So I did what I had to, took stock of my remaining belongings, and was about to pawn my cherished cauldron (they're custom crafted and don't come cheap, let me tell you) when a notorious sorcerer strolled into my life. Like a breeze of over-perfumed arcana, Theo Sagebrush burst through the front door on the day of my eviction with one hell of a proposition: help him recover nine stolen artifacts on behalf of his benefactor and we'll split a reward fit for royalty. There's just one catch. Isn't there always?

All those artifacts are cosmically cursed and have to be back in the ground before the blood moon rises. I might be in my thirties, flat broke, and on the verge of homelessness, but I'm not suicidal. Which is exactly what I told Theo Sagebrush. And then I took the job.

Witch Enchanted (Witches of Night Meadow #6) by V. Vaughn

Natalie Brannigan should be thrilled to move to a historic sea captain’s home on Night Meadow Island with her parents. The mansion has a killer view of the rocky coast and is just down the road from the Knight family, who are so entwined with the Brannigans they might as well be joined at the hip.

But while everyone sees beauty and love in the home, Natalie knows there’s a dark past hidden deep within the plaster walls. One that only she can see, because when Jonathan Desjardins, a captivating spirit comes to warn her nobody believes her story. The rest of the witches in her circle think she’s living in a fantasy world, and they are determined to shake her from it. But Natalie refuses to give up the one thing she can’t have— Jonathan.

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