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Witty Mysteries to Investigate This Summer

Last fall we binge-watching Only Murders in the Building and now the new season is out. It’s the perfect lighthearted show for summer, and I just know after I watch the new season, I’ll be hankering for a book just like it so I can take some mysteries and laughs with me to the beach. If you feel the same way, make space in your beloved canvas tote for these zany summer reads!

Sacrifice by Loribelle Hunt

Selene Quora is one of Delroi’s deadliest priestess assassins, but the goddess cult isn’t the only group who has claims to her loyalty. Though her father is a clan chief, and she’s his only child, she can never rule it according to their tradition. Rule of her clan will fall to her mate. If she accepts him. Unfortunately, her mate is Warrik Jain, chief of the clan that has long been the enemy of hers. Worse, he’s made it plain to everyone for years that he’d never accept a priestess mate. But when a looming war throws them together, can enemies become allies and mates? Or will it drive them further apart? Amazon Goodreads

Heart of Glass by Brittany Holland

Adelaide Snow has lived her entire life believing she's ordinary, but the startling truth has been locked away in her mind... buried beneath an avalanche of lies. The week before her twenty-first birthday, she wakes up in a mysterious castle that only exists in her dreams… or so she thought. It's nothing like the fairytales she read as a child. No charming prince coming to save the day. Only a brooding huntsman with a shattered moral compass. A stranger to the kingdom, and an enemy to the crown, Adelaide has two choices—wake herself from this illusion or disappear into the dark winter woods alone. The Black Forest can't compare to the darkness lurking inside the palace walls. The evil Queen has demanded her fragile heart, but the rouge huntsman wants it for himself. Amazon Goodreads

The Mating Games by Katie French and Ingrid Seymour

I was supposed to mate with a werewolf. Instead, I fell in love with a vampire. The Mating Games are a timeless werewolf tradition, one I’m sucked into no matter how old-fashioned. It’s how powerful couples are created. Yet, I’m not ready for a mate. The problem is… I have no choice. It’s my duty to my family, and family is everything. But when I arrive, I’m met with disaster. Bloodthirsty vampires kidnap us and tell us our plans of mating with the strongest, most desirable mates of our kind are ruined. The other female contestants and I find ourselves trapped in a giant castle and unable to shift to defend ourselves. The insanity doesn’t end there. The vampires say they want to… eh hem… “mate.” With us. Um… nope. Not on their lives, which I’m happy to help end. Except when their leader, Ares Raith—who’s sexier than I’d like to admit—sets his sights on me, something changes. His dark gaze sends shivers up my spine every time he comes near. But no matter how delicious and mysterious he is, I will never belong to a vampire—not when my family’s future and safety depend on it. Soon the games and the vampires’ cruelty take their toll, and Ares reveals secrets that change the games completely. Alliances will be made and broken. Passion will reign, and my life will never be the same. Amazon Goodreads

Death by P.T. Macias

Death~ Styx War I’m the Enforcer. I love taking care of the Prez. I love my brothers. The MC is family. It’s in my blood. I enforce the by-laws. I take care of business. But I’m not perfect. I fucked up. I got married in Reno. I was drunk. I don’t want her. I take another girl. She touches my soul. She’s mine. But I’m married. I’m fucking up. Sabrina Adams I’m Daddy’s girl. I’m privileged. My world shattered. It’s turned upside down. My Daddy is in trouble. The biker is pissed off. He’s hot. He’s scary. His eyes are mesmerizing. I feel him. The biker takes me. What the fuck. I’m not up for grabs. I’m not compensation. I’m not a plaything. I’m not collateral. Amazon Goodreads

Ares by Penny Dee

A wounded biker with a checkered past. A feisty dancer with a secret. An unexpected love that could destroy them both. I was born a monster. Seven feet tall with fists the size of balloons and an even bigger…boot size. I’m a demon in the ring and a devil between the sheets. But even I’m no match for her. The demoness with the bright emerald eyes and hair the color of snow. She’s everything I’ve run from my whole sorry life and the only thing I’m afraid of, so why the hell do I find myself on her doorstep time and time again? I’m not a good man. She should run as far as possible from me. After doing time for a crime I didn’t commit, I took my revenge on those responsible. It was brutal. It was bloody. It was satisfying. Now she wants me to do the same thing for her. But she isn’t being completely honest with me. And when I find out the truth, there’ll be consequences for us all to pay.

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