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An email will be sent to the entire newsletter that will only feature your title to over 15,000 romance subscribers. We will do so on any day but a Saturday.


Includes cross posting on social media accounts we own.


FEATURE in The Romance Newsletter

    We cannot gaurantee downloads of your title(s). We guarantee that we will include your title in the newsletter booked.

    The weekly Romance Newsletter is comprised of our client titles (which are part of their contract services) and paid non-client advertising (which you are booking here). The number of titles in each weekly newsletter is subject to change at any time. It could be 1 new release and 1 sale or 10 new releases and 10 sales. You may email admin@1852media to check prior to booking. However, please note that the number may still change at any time prior to sending.

    For feature emails, we will not book more than two emails per day to any one list. We will schedule feature any day but Saturday.

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