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Beat the heat with these winter romances!

From an enemies-to-lovers adventure to hilarious drama, these are sure to be swoony reads!

Devious Secret by Bri Blackwood

I should have stayed gone… But I was lured back by the promise of getting closure. Now I’m being held captive by my ex, Who has no intention of letting me go. He believes he knows everything about me. But what he doesn’t know is That I have a secret. And I intend to take it to the grave. Devious Secret is the second book in a dark college romance trilogy that has enemies-to-lovers themes. This book may not be suitable for all readers due to dubious situations that might be triggering. It ends in a cliffhanger and the next book in the series will be Devious Heir.

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Best Laid Schemes by Avery Samson Sam wasn't the kind of girl that wanted a ring on her finger. After watching her parents both burn through relationships at record pace, she knew they never lasted. A quick roll in the sheets was fun and, most importantly, uncomplicated. Besides, school was enough of a commitment for now. So, when the stranger she sits next to in the bar on her twenty-first birthday seems to come with no strings, she follows him home. Dean can’t believe his good fortune when his boss stands him up in the bar. The girl sitting next to him is definitely a step up. But when she’s gone the next morning, he figures that’s that. One night stand? No problem. Until he walks into his college classroom and she's there. Waiting for his lecture. Is convincing Sam that they could be amazing together worth screaming mice, girl fights, blizzard parties, and a demonic shower? If Dean has his way, it is.

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Beauty And The Villain by V.F. Mason

Once upon a time I had it all. I thrived in all the power and luxury this world had to offer. Until I found out the hideous truth. When a man I considered a friend betrayed me in the worst possible way. The scars on my body burned anew every single day as I only craved one thing. Revenge. And to execute it I had to strike him where it would hurt the most. His family. I patiently waited in the shadows for more than a decade for his beloved daughter to grow up. Unaware that a villain was ready to steal her far, far away. I used to be a prince once. But a certain underworld king destroyed my life. The price for his betrayal is his daughter: the princess of the dark castle. Beauty and the Villain is book one in Beauty and the Villain Duet.

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Long Shot by Kat Mizera

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale... where the days are hot and the Knights are hotter. Jace: I never expected to make it up to the big leagues. But now that I’m here, I’m never going back down. I will out-work, out-train, outdo every other guy on the Knights if that’s what it takes. Not even a shark attack will get in my way… but the sexy surfer chick who rescues me just might. Tawny: Losing my soulmate taught me that life is short. And I’m going to spend the rest of mine becoming one of the top surfers in the world. I refuse to be distracted by some hotshot hockey player who is my polar opposite. No matter how good it is between us. Deep down I don’t want to lose this thing we have going, but one wrong move and he just might pull me under.

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Bad Rebound by Elise Faber

She was gorgeous…and infuriating. And he couldn’t stop thinking about her. Jeremy was used to taking care of people. His brothers, his sister, his mom. Hell, he’d been the “man” of his family for so long that the need to care of others was burned onto his soul. But Teresa didn’t want to be taken care of, and worse, she didn’t need it. Until…she did. Until she needed him. Jer knew that his chance with her wasn’t going to come more than once, so he had to be smart. She needed to fall for him. Irrevocably. Because he couldn’t end up a bad rebound.

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