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Science Fiction and Fantasy Books We Read for the Romance

Love is in the air. And also the stars! And places even further away! Check out these sometimes sizzling, sometimes sweet Science Fiction and Fantasy reads that'll have you feeling the love.

Jace by Tasha Black

This grumpy soldier wants to guard her life, but she only wants to guard her heart. Jace’s glorious career as an Invicta warrior is cut short when he is assigned guard duty for a tiny alien baby. Just because he’s a glorified nanny for the frustratingly irresistible little bundle, doesn’t mean he has forgotten his duty. But when the baby’s adoptive mother shows up, his heart and libido are both thrown into a hurricane of need swirling around the little Terran. Susannah is leaving her home world to find peace and love by adopting a baby. She expects the two will live alone on the frontier, far from any man she could inadvertently fall for and harm with the curse that was placed on her years ago. When she finds out the achingly gorgeous and dead serious guard who delivered the baby will be living with them, she isn’t sure how she can resist their mutual attraction. When strange things begin to happen on her land, she and the burly warrior will have to work together to solve the mystery and keep baby Zeke safe. And every dangerous situation seems to wind her up in his arms. Jace can tell she’s desperate to resist him. But his frantic need for her weighs more and more heavily on his heart. If they want to start a life together, this serious pair might have to find a way to lighten up

Orenda 2 - Betrayal of Blood by Elin Peer and Pearl Beacon

Lured by promises of a privileged life among the wealthiest in the world, Damon became a Fader back in the 14th century. Shifting shapes and being immortal has its perks, but following every order from his maker, the Cobra, is getting old. Especially when his order is to seduce Althea, an Earthen who stole something valuable from him once and who he hasn’t been able to track down for the past five hundred years. Now, Althea is back asking for his help. Will Damon be able to finally get back what she stole from him? And how will he manage to seduce a woman he can’t stand and who clearly doesn’t like him either? Betrayal of Blood is the second installment in the gripping fantasy trilogy Orenda written by bestselling authors Elin Peer and Pearl Beacon. Amazon

Seduce by Tana Stone

I thought being kidnapped by vile, alien slavers was bad enough. Then I woke up on a lust moon. I know all about the Xulonian recreation moons, but I’d hoped to end up on the hunting one. As a security officer for the empire, I know how to fight. I am not prepared to wake up practically naked on a strange island.

Rare Finds by Cornelia Amiri

Is archeology the sexist profession in the universe? Just ask the Irish Goddess of Beauty and Brightness—Niamh. Earthman, Robbie McGreggor, eager to get down and dirty on digs at the far corners of outer space, lands on a remote planet, and is shocked by the alien culture he encounters—the gods of Irish mythology. When the chief god, Dagda, uses his powerful magic to hold Robbie at his mercy, Niamh helps him escape. She makes her getaway by jumping aboard the shuttle with Robbie. But not before Dagda puts a curse on the immortal beauty. What’s a cursed goddess to do? Team up with the mortal nerd, of course. And heat up the galaxy—uncovering alien artifacts as well as a passionate allure for Robbie…while she tries to answer the big questions: What dangers await? Can she break the curse? And will they survive?

Noctifer Magick by G.R. Loreweaver

Saving the world would be so much easier without two left feet… When her magick returns, Forsythia must face the creature that killed her mother. Fortunately, a yummy monster hunter offers to help. Too bad she got off on the wrong foot by breaking his nose… The most powerful witch in a generation, she’ll need his help to survive. So maybe she should quit thinking about his cute butt.

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