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10 Books To Escape to Another World During Quarantine

Are you looking for a way to escape to another world during social distancing? If you're looking for an escape from your Coronavirus quarantine pick up one of these ten books to help you escape to another world. Now is the time to get lost in another world through books.

Misadventures with a Master: A Misadventures Novella by Meredith Wild & Mia Michelle

A year ago, I wouldn’t have recognized the woman I’ve become. That was before I discovered Crave. Before Demitri ripped the inhibitions clean off my body the first time he undressed me with his icy blue eyes in the club that fateful night.

Shark's Rise (Shark's Edge Book 3) by Angel Payne & Victoria Blue

When a dream is taken to the edge of destruction, what will it take to rise again? Abbigail Gibson has finally broken through Sebastian Sharks staunch defenses, erected through years of having to fight for his multimillion-dollar success and the skyscraper that will be his legacy.

Chaos: A Reapers MC Boxset by Elizabeth Knox

Are you ready to take a ride with the Reapers MC? A combination of the Billings, Montana and Las Vegas, Nevada charters are within the pages. Follow all the brothers on their journeys to find love and the chaos that ensues.


Beautifully Cruel by J.T. Geissinger

He was a stranger to me, a dark and dangerous presence who materialized from the shadows one rainy night to save me from a vicious attack. I didn’t know his name or where he was from. All I knew was that the only place I’d ever felt safe was in his arms.

Love Me Madly (Forever in Their Thrall Book 2) by Lidiya Foxglove

I have lived seven lives. Now this is my last. I may have escaped the cult, the Order of the Blessed, but they still have my two little sisters. And they want me. Father Joshua wants to force me to have his child and then spill my blood. Sacrificing me will give him power. He always told everyone they were wicked, but now I know that he is evil.

Port Of Origin: A Medical Thriller (Agents Of Mercy Book 2) by Lisa Harris & Lynne Gentry

When virus-infected pirates hijack a humanitarian medical ship, they trigger the threat of a global pandemic.


Silence (Dark Angel Academy Book 2) by G. Bailey

Welcome to Angel Academy. The only way to leave is to fall. Im Kaitlyn Lightson, and I havent got a clue what I am anymore. With Angel Academy fallen to the hands of the vampire coven, hiding on earth seemed like a good plan. Until he finds me.

The Empire of Empty Wars (Serpents and Kings Book 3) by S.M. Gaither

Death. Betrayal. Destruction. This was Alaya's destiny, written in the stars on the night she was born. She should have been killed because of it. She wasn’t.

Psychic Prison: A Paranormal Prison Romance (Supernatural Marked Monarchy Book 1) by Avery Song & Veronica Agnus

When a Monarch is Marked, they go from master to prisoner. Their fate? Determined by the one who Marked them. Alisha Butterfly is my name, and on Friday the 13th, I was found guilty of the massacre of a bunch of criminals — people I have no memory of killing. Amnesia wasn't a good enough excuse to get me into the mental ward and so I was tossed into the depths of the Psychic Prison for Supernaturals.


A Mastery of Magic (Enchanted Academy Book 3) by Evie Wilde

Hidden identities, unexpected enemies, and a mysterious new mentor—all three will test the relationship between me and my men in year three at the Enchanted Academy. When the academy is attacked by a dangerous chimera and her hoard of minions, it’s time for my men and I to dig deep and up our game with a semester of field training.


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