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Do You Like E-books or Hardcopies? Here Are Five That You Are Sure To Devour.

September is library card sign-up month. Some readers like to browse the library for their next great read and others like to purchase a copy for their own library. Are you an e-book reader or do you prefer the feel and smell of a physical book? Not sure? Here is a list of both that you are sure to devour.

Playmaker (The Scoring Series #3) by Jami Davenport

My teammates think she's married. I think it's more than that. Other than her name, I don't know anything about her, but I can't get enough of her. She's my obsession, my world, my everything. If only she would let me in, tell me why she's terrified, why she stays in the shadows, why she can't be seen in public. Then, as quickly as she came into my life, she disappears.

Must Love Dogs...and Hockey (Bears Hockey #1) by Kelly Jamieson

My life is like the love child of a train wreck and a dumpster fire right now. I’ve been canned, my professional reputation is shredded, and now I’m walking dogs to make ends meet. But I still believe everything will work out. Somehow. Then a dog at the park attacks my friend’s dog. At first, I’m ready to give the owner hell—but it turns out he’s in desperate need of doggie daycare. I figure, why not? I love dogs and I need the cash. Too bad his cocky bad boy attitude annoys me. He’s too damn cute for his own good. And I’m not talking about the dog.

Kingdom's Reign by Monique Moreau

A grieving biker. A brokenhearted woman. Can love heal their wounds? Since the death of his patch brother, Kingdom has felt nothing but rage and loss. Until, he meets Sage on a trip to a tattoo shop to get fresh ink for his fallen brother. She’s sexy. Brilliant. And exactly the kind of challenge that makes him ache. If asked whether he deserved her love, Kingdom's straight-up answer would be hell no. But, nothing will stop him from taking what’s his. Not even her.


Tamed by Alison Aimes

“Talk or suffer the consequences.” Ruthless warrior Grif McIntyre is known for his brutal interrogation techniques, a skill he learned much too young from a monster even more savage than him. Still, Grif’s skills with ropes, restraints, and unbearable pleasure are unrivaled. His methods merciless, but effective. Tasked with capturing and breaking a critical target in order to rescue a handful of missing females, he assumes the mission will be no different from the others that have come before. But the female he captures is not what he expects.

Man Down (Rookie Rebels #3) by Kate Meader

I’ve been texting the wife I lost, the woman I loved beyond measure ... Now someone else has answered back. Gunnar Bond is broken. Sadie Yates is losing it. A ruined man who claims to have used up all his love is surely a bad bet, but Sadie’s never been afraid of a challenge … even one that might shatter her heart into a million pieces.

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