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Make These Book Boyfriends Your Perfect Valentine!

Looking for a book boyfriend this Valentine’s Day? A steamy romance to spice up the holiday. We've got just the list for you. These romance reads are perfect for the woman looking to relax with a box of candy and a glass of wine. The perfect guy to fall in love with a passionate, alpha male, bad boy, or CEO book boyfriend. It’s Valentine’s Day and if you are single or in a relationship these book boyfriends will make a perfect Valentine!

A Valentine for Chelsea by Raisa Greywood

Cupid needs to be shot with one of his own arrows. Chelsea hates Valentine's Day. She hates the pink and red hearts hung all over town, the kissy faces everyone makes, and the cringe-worthy cards. The one thing she actually loved, her dog Princess, is happy in a new home, and Chelsea has no one to celebrate with. Not that she would. It's not like her husband Evan is going to bother.

Blocked by Jami Davenport

It all starts when I have a one-night stand with my teammate's estranged wife, only I'm not aware she's married, let alone his wife. Now she's stalking me, my teammate hates me, and I'm madly attracted to his sister.

Bad Boyfriend by Elise Faber

Kelsey Scott has never wanted anything more serious than a hookup. Work triumphs all, men are simply trainable orgasm machines, and her friends and family are everything. But with her brother's wedding rapidly approaching and matchmaking rapidly ensuing from all angles, she decides she needs a buffer from all the “perfect Mr. Rights,” the white tulle and frumpy bridesmaid dresses, and—ick—the heart-warming vows.

A Tiger For Two by Lia Davis

Former Shield Special Ops Agent, Jonathan Colemen spent his career tracking down shifters until the fateful day he suffered severe burns from an explosion at the rogue Onyx Pack den. He wakes from his coma to discover he’s half tiger and unable to resist a certain male wolf and female Healer.

Her Valentine Surprise by Ayla Asher

Joy Paulson is fine being single. In fact, it saves her from the maddening dating rituals in Manhattan. If she ever settles down, it will be with someone she truly loves and trusts. That’s why she turns down her super-hot boss when he asks her out, leading to disaster when he retaliates, forcing her termination.

Cupcakes & Mistletoe by Teresa Crumpton

Five months to plan a wedding really isn't long enough but Calla and Wes don't want to wait any longer to tie the knot. To close out this magical year with a bang they will say I do. What could go wrong?

Striking Distance by LK Shaw

She’s a damsel in distress. I’m supposed to protect her, not desire her.

Especially since she’s my sister’s best friend.

Bound by Eva Charles

Father Creighton and Smith Sinclair.

Two dangerous men inexplicably drawn to me.

One bound by a holy vow, the other by duty and honor. (releases Feb 20th)

Mountain Danger by Vanessa Vale

Eve Miranski has spent weeks trying to find a killer who's roaming free in Cutthroat. She's also working hard to protect her battered heart from two alpha cowboys who aren't making it easy. Yeah, two. After they meet at a holiday party, Shane Nickel and Finch Anderson have made it clear to Eve they're interested in one thing. Her.

For The Win by Kelly Jamieson

Even though I’m the oldest player on the farm team, I’m playing my heart out this year to prove that I have what it takes to play in the NHL. Everyone expects me to live up to my dying hockey hero dad’s legacy, but my chances are receding every season. What I need is to focus, but the team’s new yoga instructor is a major distraction; I’ve had my eye on her from the first time we met.

Try Me: A Fake Relationship Romance by Jill Brashear

Their relationship was supposed to be fake, so why did it feel so real?

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